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When it comes to electric cars, the Tesla Model S Plaid sets the pace as far as performance. It’s hard to argue with a sub-two-second 0-60 mph time and 200 mph top speed. However, those performance numbers still don’t make it the top dog on the fastest electric car list. It’s hard to believe, but iSeeCars found that there are three EVs that make the Model S Plaid look slow on paper, as well as a couple of EVs that do not.

Tesla Model S Plaid
Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla

The Pininfarina Battista costs much more than a Tesla Model S

Pininfarina Battista
Pininfarina Battista | Pininfarina

If you guessed that any car that could be faster than a Tesla Model S Plaid would have to be a supercar, you were right. One of the top three cars on iSeeCars’ list of “The Fastest Electric Cars” is the Pininfarina Battista, which is a supercar that’s worth $2.2 million. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 1.8 seconds, which is slightly faster than the Model S Plaid’s 1.9-second time.

However, the Battista’s other highlights include a four-electric-motor setup, an all-wheel drivetrain, and a 300-mile range. If Italian styling and power are your thing, this exotic electric supercar has both.

The Rimac Nevera is a Croatian electric supercar

The Rimac Nevera speeding down a road.
Rimac Nevera | Rimac

Take one look at the Rimac Nevera, and it’s easy to guess that thing is fast. How fast? It can go from zero to 60 mph in only 1.85 seconds and has a top speed of 258 mph. This Croatian supercar is powered by a 120-kWh battery pack that not only gives its blistering speed but it also gives it a 300-mile range. That’s impressive, considering it’s not only faster than the Tesla Model S Plaid, but it also weighs a really heavy 4,800 pounds. However, it’s too bad that it costs $2.5 million, so it’s not as attainable as a Tesla.

The Aspark Owl is one of the fastest all-electric hypercars on the planet

Owl Aspark
Owl Aspark | OWL

The fastest car on iSeeCars’ list is the Aspark Owl. Don’t worry; we have never heard of it either. But this car will definitely get anyone’s attention based on its hypercar looks. Of course, it has the speed to back it up.

The Owl can soar its way to up 60 mph from a standstill in only 1.69 seconds and up to a top speed of 249 mph. It’s able to achieve this insane speed from its four-electric motors that generate 1,984 hp and its carbon-fiber body, which surprisingly weighs 4,000 pounds. That speed and engineering come at a price though. How much? Try $4 million, which means that you can buy plenty of Tesla Model S Plaids for the same price. However, none of them will be as quick as this car.

The Lucid Air Dream Performance is quick, but not as quick as the Tesla

lucid dream
lucid dream | Lucid

Now that we’ve seen a few models that are faster than a Tesla Model S Plaid let’s take a look at a couple that is not. The first one is the Lucid Air Dream Performance, which is not only quick, but it’s also very comfortable. The folks at iSeeCars like the car’s comfortable cabin and premium design in addition to its somewhat accessible $170,000 price tag.

What does that hefty sum of money get you? In addition to having an upscale interior and design, the Lucid Air Dream Performance can go from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 168 mph. It can also get up to 500 miles of range, which make it even more extraordinary. The only issue is that it costs $170,000, which makes it less attainable than the Model S, in addition to not being as quick.

The Nio EP9 is fast but pricey

NIO EP9 | Nio

The 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Outpaces the Lucid Air Dream P as the Fastest Car of 2022

Another hypercar that you may have never heard of is the Nio EP9. It looks fast, but it’s even faster than you think. It can go from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, which is quicker than your average supercar but slower than the Tesla Model S Plaid. It can also go up to 217 mph thanks to its 1,341-hp, four-motor powertrain, and it also has a 265-mile range. Here’s the kicker: it costs $3.5 million, which makes it quite the dream for most electric car enthusiasts.

Electric cars faster than a Tesla Model S Plaid

As we can see, although the Tesla Model S Plaid is the benchmark when it comes to fast all-electric cars, it’s not the fastest one. Of course, you may have to spend over 10 times as much for something faster, but these cars do exist.