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Tesla is one of the most popular EV automakers right now, and the Tesla Model S is one of the most popular cars in Tesla’s lineup. The Model S has a lot going for it right now, and the Model S Plaid is an even more powerful and expensive version of the Model S. That being said, the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid costs over $125,000, and many people wonder if it’s worth that price tag.

A look at the regular 2022 Tesla Model S

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid all-electric luxury sedan model parked in front of a plaid background
2022 Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla

Since the Tesla Model S is supposed to be a luxury car, it will be expensive. According to Car and Driver, the Model S currently starts at just under $97,000. That makes it twice as expensive as the starting Model 3. However, the standard Model S provides many great features that Tesla fans and EV customers are sure to enjoy.

For example, the Model S gets 412 miles of range, which is significantly more range than what cheaper EVs usually get. The Model S has two electric motors, and combined, they generate about 670 horsepower. That allows the Model S to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.1 seconds, and it can top out at around 155 mph.

There are also quite a few excellent features inside the Model S. The most prominent feature is its 17-inch touch screen display which dwarves the touch screens offered in most cars. Tesla also gave the Model S some smart safety features and a comfortable interior, including another screen for the second-row seats.

Here’s what the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid gets instead

On the other hand, the Tesla Model S Plaid costs just over $130,000, and it’s one of the most expensive Tesla available right now. The main addition that the Plaid trim gives is significantly more power. That’s thanks to the additional electric motor that Tesla added to the Model S. Combined, the Model S Plaid gets over 1,000 horsepower. 

This allows the Model S to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.99 seconds, and it can also hit a top speed of 163 mph. However, that extra power and speed come at another cost. The Plaid trim’s range is slightly lower than what the regular Model S gets, as it’s rated for 390 miles. This represents a loss of about 22 miles of range compared to the standard Model S.

There are very few cars that can hit 60 mph in less than 2 seconds, so if acceleration is what you want, then the Model S Plaid is worth the money. After all, the regular Model S almost costs six figures already, so Model S customers may not see the extra premium as that big of an expense. 

How the 2022 Model S Plaid compares with its competition

However, the EV marketplace is starting to heat up, and Tesla is racing against many competitors. For example, the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition P is similar to the Tesla Model S Plaid in many ways. Both are EVs, get over 1,000 horsepower, and have large range numbers. Fortunately for Tesla, the Lucid Air Dream Edition does 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, which is significantly slower than what the Model S can do.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS is another similar car, but it has significant differences compared to the Model S Plaid. While the EQS is a very luxurious car that costs over $100,000, it’s significantly slower than the regular Model S, and it’s even slower than the Model S Plaid.


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