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This Tesla Motor Toyota RAV4 Predates Plug-in Popularity and an Innovative California Company Keeps Them Alive

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still pretty new on a mass-production scale. So, you don’t see a lot of EV repair shops. In fact, many folks don’t even know what kind of work gets done to an EV. Aside from standard-issue car stuff like suspension, brakes, and tires, EVs are a mystery to most folks.

Fortunately, we recently got a chance to experience an EV repair shop firsthand. The shop, QC Charge, is based in Vista, California, and it is one of very few places in the entire world that will crack into a Tesla battery or motor. Fortunately for us, that means MotorBiscuit readers get a look at EV components in a state that most don’t.

In this episode, Alex Bessinger from QC Charge explains the services they offer for repair options that Tesla does not, such as repairing EV battery packs instead of replacing them. In addition, he walks us through some of the custom tools they use for repairing them and shows the inner workings of a Tesla electric motor. Furthermore, Bessinger explains how they rebuild Tesla motors and improve them with drain equipment to prevent premature failure.

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