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Anybody into luxury cars has likely seen content posted or hosted by the duPont Registry. It’s a major presence in the automotive marketplace. What’s less clear is what the duPont Registry actually is. A marketplace? A brand? A database for pricing and trends, basically Kelley Blue Book for monied motorheads?

What services does the duPont Registry actually provide, and how much of a role does it play in the global marketplace of luxury cars and similarly spectacular lifestyle accessories?

The duPont Registry provides an online marketplace of luxury cars and more

The duPont Registry lists supercars luxury homes, and other high-end items
A Mercedes-AMG One hypercar parked outside a modern luxury home | Mercedes-Benz

“For over 37 years, duPont Registry has been the premier exotic and luxury automotive marketplace,” the company says. Established in 1985, the Registry began as a glossy four-color magazine, effectively a shiny catalog featuring the most exciting cars for sale.

The American company got its name from Thomas L. duPont, a co-owner with Steven B. Chapman and Clinton W. Sly. Over time, the business has grown to cover luxury items like yachts, watches, umbrellas, and even real estate. In 2021, the Motorsport Network acquired the duPont Registry, further bolstering it as a significant player in the online luxury car market. The company’s global headquarters are in Miami, Florida, a playground for the world’s rich and famous.

When the duPont Registry says it offers its wealthy customers “new and exciting ways to participate in the luxury automotive marketplace,” it isn’t fooling around. The site’s car listings range from sensible to astonishing, with a used 2016 Mustang representing the site’s entry-level pricing at $30,000. By contrast, as of this writing, the priciest pre-owned car on the Registry is an immaculately restored 1936 Delahaye, which can be yours for a mere $19 million.

DuPont’s services go beyond hosting ads for pricey road toys. The Registry is also a robust seller’s tool. The site serves private sellers and dealerships by posting purchase opportunities in an extensive database with a full-featured search function. Given their limited market presence, it also offers a pricing service for supercars that might otherwise be challenging to assess accurately. 

Full-service shopping for a luxury lifestyle

While the duPont Registry made its name selling luxury cars, other high-end lifestyle products are also available through the site. The duPont Registry Discovery service also lists boats and aircraft — notably a fleet of luxury yachts and, as of writing, a helicopter and at least one private jet — as well as more niche products, from collectible lighters to a Huntsman-branded teddybear.

In addition, DuPont Registry maintains a lively social media presence, where it posts vehicle reviews and tours of luxury showrooms. The site also hosts a news feed to inform users of the latest trends in ultra-high-end consumer goods.

Where to buy the best

In short, the duPont Registry is a leading authority on luxury vehicles and other consumer items. The site offers a full-service searchable marketplace for luxury vehicles, yachts, and personal items. It also provides buying and selling tools, as well as publishing news content relevant to its well-heeled demographic. All that makes duPont Registry a popular place to buy and sell upmarket vehicles and a trusted resource for anyone interested in the cream of the automotive crop.