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You may have seen this floating around the world wide web, but get ready to be impressed if you haven’t. This daring driver decided to rent a U-Haul box truck and use that to haul their Isuzu Rodeo. This ingenuity certainly can’t be overlooked, but this is not the correct way to tow or haul a car. Especially, when it comes to safety. Towing can be much easier if you decide to follow the proper steps and rent a trailer, unlike this Washington driver. 

Creative, but not correct

Some drivers looking to tow or haul a car can develop some creative processes. This is especially true for those who don’t have a trailer. This Okanogan, WA area driver, indeed came up with a creative way to haul their Isuzu Rodeo. They got their SUV up into the box of the U-Haul truck and secured it with a heavy-duty ratchet strap. Onlookers were concerned and alerted the proper authorities. The Seattle Times noted that the driver did not get off scot-free. They ended up with a ticket, a $139 fine, and some hefty fees because the U-Haul was kept long after the agreement ended.

While this driver was creative, it was certainly not the correct way to tow or haul a vehicle.

Does U-Haul offer any towing or hauling options?

the uhaul logo on one of the company's box trucks
The U-Haul Logo | Education Images via Getty Images

If you find yourself in a bind looking to tow or haul a car, U-Haul can help. Depending on what you need to tow, there are a few things to look at. These options are perfect for many drivers because these trailers come with unlimited mileage. There are four options to consider.

  1. Tow Dolly: This can be used for both in-town and long-distance moves. This dolly is lightweight and durable and can utilize security chains and ratchet tire straps. It is a good choice for quick vehicle recovery because of its ease of use. It can have a maximum load of 3,900-pounds when towing a rear-wheel-drive model or 3,450-pounds for a front-wheel-drive model.
  2. Auto Transport/Car Hauler: If you want to tow something bigger, this trailer is a great choice. With this option, you can also enjoy more secure towing thanks to security chains and ratchet straps. You will also appreciate the provided loading ramps and automatic hydraulic surge brake. Plus, this trailer can handle up to 5,290-pounds.
  3. Motorcycle Trailer: A motorcycle trailer is a perfect choice to tow a motorcycle. This small trailer comes with an easy-access loading ramp, a motorcycle chock, multiple tie-down rings, and a gate to keep your bike more secure.
  4. Ramp Trailer: The final option is the 5’ x 9’ Utility Trailer with a Ramp which is the perfect option for motorcycles, golf carts, and side-by-sides. This trailer comes with a spring-assisted EZ-loading fold-down ramp and multiple heavy-duty tie-down rings. This trailer has a maximum load capacity of 1,650-pounds. 

With so many options, it’s no surprise that U-Haul has become the choice for drivers looking to tow and haul both short and long distances. Just don’t rent a box truck!

What does it cost to rent a U-Haul trailer?

a uhaul trailer loaded with large pumpkins, just one of the things you can move
Pumpkins on a U-Haul Trailer | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

The cost of renting one of U-Haul trailers depends on the particular trailer you are looking at. This can be a cost-effective option for drivers who need to tow and haul without dropping a substantial amount of money.

The rates for these trailers start at $14.95 for the Motorcycle Trailer, $24.95 for the Utility Trailer, $44.95 for the Tow Dolly, and finally, $54.95 for the Auto Transport trailer. Those are the daily rate that the cost can increase for a multiple-day rental. But, the overall price will still be much lower than trying to buy a trailer for a one-time move. This can ensure you are able to tow an Isuzu Rodeo with more confidence.

What can tow a U-Haul trailer?

a white isuzu rodeo parked in a dealership show room
A 2004 Isuzu Rodeo, a SUV You Can Tow with a U-Haul Trailer | Tim Boyle via Getty Images

Luckily, most cars or trucks can tow a trailer, but consult your manual. Furthermore, you want to worry about whether your vehicle can handle towing the trailer, but you also want to make sure it can tow the trailer with the loaded weight. In addition to the capability of your car, you will also need to ensure it can handle driving safely. As long as your vehicle can handle the weight with the proper trailer hitch, be loaded correctly, and adjust your driving tendencies, you will have no problem towing a U-Haul Trailer.

Whatever you do, don’t end up like that Washington driver

If you are looking to tow and haul a car, truck, SUV, or another vehicle, you should refrain from getting creative like this Okanogan driver. Do the right thing and rent a specified U-Haul trailer instead of jerry-rigging something much more dangerous. Furthermore, if you do something like the driver from Washington, you could also be on the hook for some substantial costs relating to the damage to the box truck.


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