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We may have caught a glimpse of the first Kia pickup truck. The Kia PV5 concept debuted, and rumors are starting to spread like wildfire. While the Kia PV5 electric truck could have a low starting price, don’t get your hopes up, yet. 

What to expect with the Kia PV5 electric truck 

The Kia PV5 Concept from the side
Kia PV5 Concept | Kia

Allegedly, Kia is working on two pickup trucks. The Kia PV5 truck could be the first new option to hit the market, but it’s only been revealed as a concept. Only time will tell if it enters production. 

It’s based on the new PBV architecture for the modular lineup of electric vans. It rides on the PV5 platform, which can be configured in numerous ways to accommodate passenger and cargo needs. 

Also, the entry-level model is expected to start at $35,000. This is where everyone goes wild at the idea of an electric truck. It’s almost $20,000 cheaper than the Ford F-150 Lightning. 

However, the Kia van lineup isn’t in America and we aren’t sure if it’s coming to the United States. It’s possible if interest grows. 

But if the truck and vans aren’t made in America then they’ll be subject to the 25% chicken tax. This would make it more difficult to provide the vehicles at a lower price and still make a profit. 

Plus, Kia pickup truck rumors suggest that the smaller, unibody truck isn’t slated for America. Instead, Americans will get the second new truck that’s more of a midsize option.

 It could be hybrid or electric. The first ute is also expected to be electric, like the Kia PV5. Also, if you look at the truck it resembles a kei truck. 

These are tiny trucks with smaller engines and the basic necessities, such as manual windows. There might be an interest in kei trucks as farm trucks in America, but it’s probably too weak for city life and everyday needs. 

Kia truck rumors also suggest that the American model will be a rugged off-roader. There’s no way that tiny PV5 is tackling the wilderness without significant upgrades. 

At the end of the day, the Kia PV5 is still in the planning stages. We don’t know how much power it has to offer or where it will be sold. But it could be the first of two new Kia truck models.