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In McAllen, Texas, an Uber Eats driver noticed something “off” about the home he was delivering a meal to. He decided to report his discomfort, and the action led to the discovery of 93 mistreated dogs. Due to the number and condition of the pups, their rescue requires multiple non-profit groups, the local animal society, and many individual volunteers.

A white car shown in close left profile view of front door panel with "Uber" printed in black lettering
Cristi Croitoru via iStock

The dogs were pulled from the home by the dozens. They’ve clearly not received grooming care in a long time. Their matted coats were covered in filth, including their own waste.

Palm Valley Animal Society Director of Operations Faith Wright described the condition of the dogs. “Most of them have never been groomed, or if they have been groomed, it was years ago. We’re taking the worst cases first and getting those shaved down.”

The society’s Instagram page shared photos of the neglected dogs. The post is captioned with a plea for volunteer resources, fostering, and grooming help. Ultimately, the rescuers hope that adoption happens very quickly for these 93 pups.

Wright went on to explain the urgency of rapid adoption efforts. She feels it’s critical to avoid the animals being returned to the hoarder’s house. “The goal is to get everybody fostered and rescued out…we don’t know if the person is going to win their court case or not,” Wright explained. “If they’re in foster or rescue and she gets to have them back, we have to return them. If they’re adopted, we can’t return them.”

Two people were taken into custody after the dogs were discovered. If the Uber Eats driver hadn’t called about the house, the dogs would have remained in their poor living conditions.