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As much as some things change, other things stay the same. Even if the next generation of pickup trucks are full battery electric vehicles, they will be pressed into service to do truck things. So it’s important to some owners whether concept trucks such as the Ram Revolution can fit a stack of plywood or load of gravel. The truth is that the Ram Revolution electric concept truck not only has as large a bed as the fifth-generation Ram, it offers additional innovative hauling space.

The Ram Revolution has a full pickup truck bed

Birds-eye view of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup concept with its glass roof and full-size truck bed.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

The first Ram Revolution EV concept has a full-size, four-door cab and a short bed. That said, it has the same size bed as a fifth-generation Ram 1500 in the same configuration–according to Stellantis.

The fact that the Ram Revolution’s bed is the same length as the fifth-generation Ram‘s is especially impressive considering that the cab is larger. Because the electric motors at the front and rear of the Ram Revolution are smaller than internal combustion engines, Ram was able to move the truck’s firewall forward four inches. This actually allows for a small third row of jump seats.

The Ram Revolution’s bed is meant to work. It offers a next-generation RamBox toolbox system. It also has a multifunction tailgate that can swing down like a regular tailgate or split and swing outward like a refrigerator door. The bed even has a rail system so you can move tie-downs points up and down its length.

The Ram Revolution offers unprecedented space

The extended bed of the Ram Revolution EV pickup truck.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Because the Ram Revolution is built on a flat skateboard chassis, it offers more space for hauling and storage than any previous Ram. The Revolution actually has a flat loading floor from bumper to bumper. By dropping its mid-gate you can set long items between the seats and haul them without their hanging off the truck’s rear.

You can take things one step further by opening a “passhole” between the front trunk (frunk) and cabin. This creates 18 feet of uninterrupted space for long items such as lumber.

Finally, you can swing the Ram Revolution’s multifunction tailgate open and flip out a bed extender to increase the loading space even more.

The Ram Revolution promises to be a capable pickup truck

Closeup of the RAM letters on the grille of the Revolution concept pickup truck.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

So will the Ram Revolution be a sturdy work truck? It offers a ton of cargo space, is built around a full frame, and may be one of the best tow rigs Ram has ever built.

The Ram Revolution’s skateboard chassis has an electric motor both front and rear. If Ram offers this pickup with Stellantis’ largest electric motors, it might have up to 885 horsepower. That’s a lot of ponies for a pickup truck!

Better yet, Ram is planning to offer its electric truck with a range extender. This likely will be a gasoline-powered generator that will be able to charge the vehicle’s batteries while on the. Hypothetically, a range-extended Ram could offer the same unlimited gasoline range as an internal combustion truck, with better MPG and twice the power.

Some Ram fans will be turned off by the Revolution’s glass roof, rear-hinged doors, and low-profile 35-inch tires. But this slick new EV may still end up being one of the most capable work trucks around. Ram is currently targeting production of its first EV for the 2024 model year.

Next, find out how the Ram Revolution EV may make Cummins-level of power, or see the prototype for yourself in the video below:


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