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Dodge has a flare for the theatrical. Any glimpse at the marque’s history of Bill Goldberg flexing alongside a supercharged SRT Hellcat confirms that subtlety simply isn’t part of the Mopar equation. Dodge is staying true to form with their latest images teasing the pre-production Charger. Despite the grumbles of old-school fanbases at the inclusion of electric propulsion, the next-gen 2025 Dodge Charger channels the classic styling that made the now-discontinued Challenger a success. 

Recent teaser images from Dodge show an angular two-door Charger coupe with classic design language

Sure, fans will miss the LD-platform Charger and its library of hilariously high-horsepower engines. And what’s not to miss? The Charger is the only mass-produced domestic sedan to produce over 800 horsepower. What’s more American than that?

Well, time marches on, and technology along with it. Stellantis and Dodge felt the squeeze and discontinued the brand’s mighty eight-cylinder muscle machines after the 2023 model year. However, the American marque also unveiled its muscle car-esque Daytona SRT EV concept

Fortunately for the fans of the Challenger’s classic design language, the latest teaser images on Dodge’s X page confirm the two-door coupe layout of the pre-production 2025 Dodge Charger. Better yet, the SRT EV concept’s angular fascia and aero hood seem to survive further development. 

It’s a far better homage to the second-generation Chargers that muscle car fanatics covet. What’s more, a glance at the shots confirms the continued presence of the Fratzog logo, a 1960s throwback to the historic Mopar muscle car age. Dodge says the next-generation Charger will go on sale in late 2024.

The next-gen Charger is likely not an electric-only affair like early reports suggested

The Charger SRT EV Concept shows off its angular styling.
Dodge Charger SRT EV Concept | Stellantis

The original Dodge Charger SRT EV concept arrived on a fully electric platform. In fact, many of the brand’s faithful were less than receptive to Dodge’s attempt to preserve the muscle car pantomime in an EV. See, the marque rolled out the Charger concept car with “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust,” a multi-chambered system simulating an exhaust note.

However, enthusiasts breathed a collective sigh of relief upon learning that the next-generation Charger will likely include gas-powered options. Specifically, MotorTrend reported that the upcoming coupe will offer a next-generation V8. Of course, if Dodge is keeping gas-powered mills on the table, the twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six will find its way under the Charger’s hood.

Source: Stellantis, MotorTrend


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