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Car insurance is one of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle. However, auto coverage companies can deny protection to drivers. This means not only is it hard to find cheap car insurance, but it could make finding coverage in general close to impossible. However, this doesn’t only happen to bad drivers.

Here are the most common reasons car insurance companies can deny your coverage.

Being a driver with a bad history

In some ways, being what many would call a bad driver can make getting cheap car insurance, or any coverage, a bit difficult. Having a ton of at-fault car accidents on your driving record is one of the most significant reasons insurance companies might deny you. This is because, like with health insurance, companies want to insure people with low risk. However, causing accidents is the opposite of low risk.

bad drivers can have a hard time getting auto insurance hard
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The same can be true for drivers with several traffic violations. Sure, a ticket here and there won’t be the reason, but insurance companies will begin to look at you as an unsafe driver. Again, this means there is a high risk you’ll cause an accident that the insurance company will likely have to pay for.

It could also be hard for people who have had their licenses suspended to get car insurance. This is because many companies will assume you’ve demonstrated being a bad driver. Additionally, having lapses in your insurance makes companies think twice about offering coverage.

There are many other reasons

Some auto insurance companies may deny you have little to do with your driving. For example, insurance companies can deny customers based on their credit history. They may not deny coverage in all cases, but your credit score can cause you to have a higher premium. Drivers should know that some states, Hawaii being one, have outlawed this practice.

Being a first-time driver is another reason insurance companies can deny coverage. Brand new drivers are a more significant risk and can’t demonstrate otherwise. Similarly, being too young can make getting car insurance difficult. People under 18 years of age struggle with this the most. According to Bankrate, some states ban age-based decisions for car insurance.

As many people know, the type of car you drive can cause a company to deny coverage. Often, this has to do with safety issues. But yes, it could be because your ride is too fast and powerful.

Drivers should also know that living in some states makes it more challenging to get cheap car insurance. This would be true in states with a high rate of natural disasters or bad roads. Overall, there are many reasons you could experience hardship in finding coverage. Many are related to being a bad driver. However, extending coverage is typically at the discretion of the company.

The important thing to remember is that being denied coverage from one company isn’t the end of the world. There are several others that many might be willing to extend coverage.