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It’s 2022, and buying any vehicle is challenging these days. However, some are much more difficult to buy than others. More specifically, models like the Ford Maverick and Jeep Wrangler, which are in high demand, are nearly impossible to find in stock. Many models have a depleted inventory or hold thousands of reservations no matter where you go. Consequently, if you find one available for purchase, they’re being sold with dealer markups. Here are some of the most overpriced models that are even harder to buy.

The Jeep Wrangler is the most overpriced vehicle right now

2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 - dealer markups are making this one of the most overpriced models.
2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Stellantis

According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Maverick are the most overpriced models right now. Demand is incredibly high for these two models, and production is down for everything. That’s why it’s no surprise that dealers are taking advantage of the situation. Everyone wants one, but no one can buy one. Moreover, dealers are taking the opportunity to make as much money as possible from the lack of availability.

For example, the Jeep Wrangler, on average, has a markup of 26.7% over MSRP. That’s roughly $8,925 more than the regular price for which dealers should sell it. In percentages, that’s the highest average markup of any vehicle on the market. The pickup truck version of the same model takes the cake for American cars in terms of a dollar amount. Jeep Gladiators are 22.5% over MSRP or a $9,824 price increase.

How big are Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco dealer markups?

The 2022 Ford Maverick is a small truck with notable capability - dealer markups are making it harder to buy this overpriced model.
Ford Maverick | Ford

The standard hybrid and gas-powered version of the Ford Maverick are in the top 10 most marked-up models. Moreover, the hybrid model ranks second behind only the Jeep Wrangler. At about $5,601 over sticker price, the Maverick is, on average, selling for 25% more than it should. Contrarily, the gas-powered version, which requires a $1,085 upgrade, is 22.2% over MSRP. That’s another $5,368 above the standard asking price, good enough for sixth in terms of percentage.

Ford’s compact truck isn’t the only one to make the list. Another very in-demand model, the Bronco SUV, ranks as the eighth-most marked-up model. Enduring a 20.6% price increase, the SUV is available for $7,783 above MSRP on average. Buying either of these popular Ford models will cost you more than you’d hoped. At least with the Maverick, the starting price was low from the beginning.

Which other models are dealer markups making harder to buy?

Dealer markups have a massive impact on Jeep and Ford models, but that’s not where the damage ends. Vehicles from many different automakers are receiving price hikes above MSRP. An unexpected third place model ranks behind the Wrangler and Maverick in terms of the percentage above MSRP. The Porsche Macan, a luxury premium SUV priced around $54,000 for the base model, is marked up 23.3%. That’s good enough for a $13,254 jump above the sticker price, the highest dollar amount on the list.

RankVehicle% Above MSRPAmount Above MSRP ($)
1Jeep Wrangler26.70%$8,925
2Ford Maverick Hybrid25.00%$5,601
3Porsche Macan23.30%$13,254
4Jeep Wrangler Unlimited22.90%$9,534
5Jeep Gladiator22.50%$9,824
6Ford Maverick22.20%$5,368
7Lexus RX 450h21.00%$10,365
8Ford Bronco20.60%$7,783
9Genesis GV7020.00%$8,611
10Mercedes-Benz GLB19.80%$7,992
11Chevrolet Corvette19.30%$15,218
12Ford Mustang 19.10%$6,941
13MINI Countryman18.90%$6,325
14Lexus RX 350L18.60%$9,242
15Mercedes-Benz GLA18.60%$7,142

In conclusion, many vehicles are difficult to buy right now. The current market allows dealers to corner buyers with the vehicle they want and mark up the price as high as possible. Some manufacturers have cracked down on dealers for markups, but others have not. Dealer markups are making these models harder to buy, and the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Maverick Hybrid are the most overpriced of the lot.


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