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It’s not every day that a Toyota Camry recall happens. Toyota is the bastion of all things reliability. However, even the GOAT has off games. Any problem that prompts a recall is always serious enough to be addressed, but this Toyota Camry recall is due to a braking issue. I doubt any Camry owners need much coaxing to get their brakes fixed. 

A blue 2022 Toyota Camry TRD shot from the rear. The Toyota Camry Recall will not affect this model.
2022 Camry | Toyota

Why is there a Toyota Camry Recall? 

According to Fox Business, Toyota issued a recall for over 227,000 Camry models. In a press release Wednesday, Toyota said that the recall only impacts certain Camrys from the 2018-2019 model year, which have seen recalls before.

The Toyota Camry recall is due to the brake power assist is wearing out prematurely. When this happens, the power brake system it can cause the system to fail. Toyota is clear to mention that this issue won’t make brake fail, but it will affect the power braking system, which if that were to happen, losing that assist could increase the likelihood that a driver could crash, the company said.

How do you know if your car has been recalled? 

2018 and 2019 Toyota Camry owners of affected cars will be notified by the company sometime in January. Toyota dealers will inspect the vacuum pump on the brake-assist system and either repair or replace it at no charge to customers. 

The brake booster vacuum pump supplies the vacuum pressure required for the power brake booster to work. If it fails or has a problem, the vehicle will be left without assisted braking. Without the brake booster, the brake pedal will be stiff and will require considerably more effort to stop the vehicle. This will take your 21st-century car and put it back in the times of non-power brakes. Again, this doesn’t mean that your brakes won’t work, but it is dangerous to expect that boosted brake and get a hard brake pedal instead. 

If you bought your car second-hand from an individual or family member, there is a chance you may not be notified. You can plug your VIN into multiple sites, and it will tell you if your car has an outstanding recall. You can also take your car to an authorized dealer and have it inspected. 

Is the Toyota Camry reliable?  

Toyota Camry driving down the road
2022 Camry | Toyota

The 2022 Camry got a 5/5 on Consumer Reports for reliability. The Camry – as well as most other Toyota’s – has built its reputation on reliability. This is the main reason people love Toyota. 

This braking issue can’t undo all of the good faith Toyota has garnered over the years with countless anecdotes of missile-proof reliability. Suppose you are concerned that you could be affected by the Toyota Camry recall. In that case, You can find out whether your vehicle is one of those being recalled by visiting and entering your car’s Vehicle Identification Number or its license plate number.


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