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Opinions from critics about which vehicle is the best and the worst are coming in hot, and the Ford Explorer landed in an awkward position. On a list of 40 vehicles to avoid, the Ford Explorer is considered to be the most disappointing option. 

Is the Ford Explorer disappointing? 

Front angle view of Star White 2022 Kia Telluride
Star White 2022 Ford Explorer | Ford

That’s a little subjective. The Ford Explorer has excellent qualities to brag about and a few drawbacks to consider. However, every vehicle has qualities to improve. Nothing is perfect, not even the Kia Telluride. 

Wallet Genius created a list of 40 vehicles to avoid and listed the Explorer as the option with the most red flags. We aren’t what method they used in ranking vehicles, but the Tesla Model Y and Fiat 500X are also options to avoid. 

A lot of information is pulled from Consumer Reports about these vehicles. For the Explorer, Wallet Genius mentions the reliability ranking for the Explorer, but not the customer satisfaction rating. 

Also, they shared that the Tesla Model Y has the highest satisfaction rating. If it’s highly satisfying, then how does it disappoint people? It clearly makes them happy. 

What are the 2022 Ford Explorer problems? 

According to Consumer Reports, the 2022 Ford Explorer is the 13th best SUV to buy out of 14 options. The 2022 Kia Sorento landed in last place. This shows that there might be a more disappointing vehicle out there. 

But the Explorer has its fair share of issues to consider. It scored a one out of five for its reliability ranking, which is below average. But this rating is based on cases reported for previous model years. 

More issues were reported for the 2019 and 2020 models indicating that they may have been solved for the 2021 and 2022 models. There are fewer problems such as issues with the in-car electronics, paint and trim, brakes, and transmission reported for the 2021 model. 

According to the owner satisfaction survey, the Explorer has an average ranking. It earned a score of 85 out of 100 for its driving experience, which includes acceleration and handling. 

Wallet Genius mentions that the Explorer has a clunky transmission, noisy engine, and a stiff-edged ride. However, it scored a 79 out of 100 for its comfort, and that includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride. 

Is the 2022 Explorer worth buying? 

The 2021 Ford Explorer parked on the street
2021 Ford Explorer | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Yes, the 2022 Ford Explorer is worth buying. Plenty of owners aren’t disappointed with their SUVs. In fact, 63 percent of owners reported that they would buy the Ford Explorer again. This question takes the ride, comfort, value, and all into consideration. 

There are plenty of great things to say about the Explorer. For example, it has plenty of passenger and cargo space with accomodating seats. However, the third row is only fir for children. 

Higher trim levels offer up to 400 hp for a sporty and engaging ride. Overall, the Explorer is athletic, comfortable, and easy to maneuver in tight city areas. Plus, AWD is available to tackle inclement weather situations. 

Sure, the Explorer isn’t perfect and doesn’t rank as high as the Kia Telluride. But we don’t think it’s the most disappointing vehicle out there. Once again, we disagree with critics about the Ford Explorer.


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