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How does something like this start? Why would someone think about bonking a Polaris RZR body onto two jet skis? But when you think about it, and see it, it seems like a revelation. Why not? That’s what Shadow Six Racing thought, which is why it created what it calls the first “Aquatic Utility Vehicle,” known as the Typhoon UTV.

Is this just an RZR body mounted onto a jet ski?

Typhoon UTV
Shadow Six Typhoon UTV | SS.

But this is more than just mounting an RZR body onto a jet ski. For starters, the chassis is tubular titanium, adding a Polaris RZR body kit to it. Recognizing the conditions that this quasi-jet ski might encounter, the AUV features long-travel suspensions for the custom jet skis. 

Each ski houses a 1.8-liter Yamaha supercharged engine. Each engine packs 300 hp. So with two of them, we’re talking 600 hp. It weighs 2,365 lbs, but situated below the waterline is 2,000 lbs. It’s planted in the water. The engines weigh 1,000 lbs each, with the titanium frame and body combined only adding an additional 300 lbs. 

What are those flotation collars?

Typhoon UTV
Shadow Six Typhoon UTV | SS.

Aiding the Typhoon in flotation are inflatable collars for exceptionally rough waters. The suspension will smooth out the ride on board the jet ski. It absorbs extreme impacts on the water surface. Catching air and landing hard is more sustainable due to the modified suspension. Look at the video. When the Typhoon smacks the water, passengers get jostled, but not to the extent of typical jet ski antics. 

The Typhoon has an enclosed cabin. Its two passengers are pretty much contained in a compartment as comfortable as possible. There is a steering wheel, with both gas and brake activation from paddles on the steering wheel. A touchscreen infotainment system incorporates Bluetooth sound. 

Headlights and GPS are also there, as are backup cameras, and rearview mirrors. When the sounds beyond the Typhoon get a bit loud, a wireless communication system allows the pilot and passenger to communicate. 

How much does the Shadow Six Typhoon cost?

There is a downside. This mashup will run you $259,399. For that amount of money, this better be the best watercraft experience of your life. You know what $260,000 can get you, right? In spite of the excessive price, there has been a lot of interest by enthusiasts.

Shadow Six has built seven Typhoons so far. Adding fuel to the fire, it is expected to show the Typhoon at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. So everything is aligning to launch this crazy mashup of the jet ski and Polaris quad to potential buyers.

Should you have interest in the Shadow Six Typhoon AUV, you can contact them for the current progress and how you can land on the reservation list. 


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