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If you’re into convertible cars, then you know the great feeling of driving with the top down during the Summer months. The feeling of the warm air flying through the cabin and your connection with the outside world is most likely the reason that you bought a convertible in the first place. But if your car’s convertible is a soft top, then it will likely get damaged and degrade over time. How much does it cost to replace it?

Considering repairing it over replacing it

An image of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS Convertible build parked outdoors.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS Convertible | PCarMarket

Depending on the type of convertible you have, replacing its soft top can be a lengthy and costly procedure. In that case, JD Power recommends accessing the soft top first and considering if it can be repaired instead of completely replaced. Depending on its overall condition, fixing the soft top can be a much more affordable option.

If you decide to fix the top instead of replacing it, then you can find many different convertible repair kits on sites like Amazon. And when it comes to doing it yourself, there are plenty of instructions to be found online.  

Replacing a convertible soft top with a tighter budget

If you decide to replace your car’s convertible soft top completely, then you can do so on a tighter budget. JD Power recommends checking out different types of soft-top materials as a canvas convertible top can cost less than a vinyl one. There is also the option of Stayfast canvas material with a cotton backing, which could cost a little less as well.

Additionally, there are certain sites like Auto Tops Direct and Tops Online that have budget-friendly prices and can even save you up to $200 over other sites.

Completely replacing a convertible top can cost a pretty penny

The price for replacing your car’s convertible soft top will vary depending on the application. However, you can look forward to paying around $900 to $1,500 for the complete process, according to JD Power. Of course, if you opt to get the top installed by a professional, then it could cost more depending on their specific labor rates.

Unless you’re very handy around the garage, we would recommend getting your car’s soft top replaced by a professional as the process is typically very labor-intensive. If you miss a step in the process or lose any of the parts, then it could have a great effect on the finished product. You wouldn’t want a poor-functioning soft top just because you wanted to save a few hundred dollars now, would you?

Doing it yourself can still cost a lot

In the end, if you decide that you would rather take the job on yourself, just remember that you could still end up paying a lot for parts and tools. Aside from the convertible replacement top itself, you can easily spend around $300 just to get the job done correctly, which is why it could be wise to seek professional help. Also, most shops will offer a warranty in case anything goes wrong. While you might pay more in the end, that open-air feeling and connection with the world outside are priceless.


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