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There’s something about seeing a convertible drive by with the top down that has an allure to it. Whether or not you’ve ever owned one, it’s all too easy to imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you drive down the highway.

If the daydream is too much to resist, and you’re interested in buying a new convertible, there are a few options out on the market. Not all of them are created equal, though, so here are four of the best convertibles on the market according to U.S. News.

2020 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is the last standing car that Ford has. The rest of its sedan division has been scrapped in favor of trucks and SUVs. Thankfully, the Mustang brings in too much cash flow to let it go.

U.S. News ranked it as the number one in both Convertibles and Sports Cars, and it’s easy to see why. The Ford Mustang has that classic body style that is unmistakable, even from a distance.

It also has a wide variety of engines that are reflected in the price. The handling is what really makes it stand out of the crowd. It’s both agile and fun to drive.

The Mustang can seat up to four, but the backseat is a little small though, so it may not be the most comfortable ride for your passengers. It has plenty of trunk space, however so going to the store or on the road trip you’ve been dreaming of is easier than ever. 

The 2020 Ford Mustang convertible starts at $32,170. This might be a little more than some buyers can afford to purchase new, but it’s still one of the cheaper convertibles on the market.

2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata

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The MX-5 Miata was ranked the number 2 Sports Car by U.S. News. Even though it didn’t earn the number one spot, the review site still referred to it as a ‘terrific sports car.’

Kelley Blue Book was impressed as well, and said, “Its turning radius is ridiculously small, its suspension taut and its steering joyously precise.” The Mazda MX-5 Miata ability to turn was compared to a go-cart, which should give potential buyers an idea of what this tiny car can do.

That being said, it doesn’t have much room, and can be very cramped. The ride can feel rough at times, and the infotainment system is nearly impossible to see when the sun hits it. 

The MX-5 starts at $27,500. The retractable hardtop RF is a little more expensive, but for $34,000 it’s still in the price range for many buyers.

2020 Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper breaks the rules as a convertible, because it doesn’t have that classic muscle car look that so many competitors have, which helps it stand out of the crowd.

U.S. News has ranked it as number 2 in Subcompact Cars, number 3 in Convertibles, number 6 in Hatchbacks, and number 7 in Small Cars. 

The Mini Cooper handles like a dream. From its ability to accelerate and come to a complete stop without leaving a trail of tire marks behind it, the Mini can do it all. 

In spite of this, Car and Driver said that the Mini Cooper “can be unforgiving on rough roads.” It’s also incredibly small inside, and some controls can be hard to reach.

This convertible starts at $29,250. The Cooper S Convertible costs around $33,250. 

2020 Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevy Camaro might be legendary in the auto realm, but this one didn’t perform well in the ranks. U.S. News placed it in a solid number 3 position in the Sports Cars division. 

Other review sites like Consumer Reports were less than thrilled, and even gave the Camaro a predicted rating of 1 out of 5. The main reason for this was the poor visibility. The Chevy Camaro may have one of the best bodies on the market, but there are so many blind spots, it’s hazardous to drive.

The Chevy Camaro does have a comfortable ride, however, and it has developed a bit of a loyal following amongst many owners. In spite of this, rivals like the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang are cutting into the Camaro’s sales. 


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