Corvette C8’s Reduced Outward Visibility Makes Blind Spot Necessary

The Chevy Corvette is one of the most famous cars in American history, but it has always had flaws. As a muscle car, Chevy has prioritized the Corvette’s performance over everything else. Unfortunately, one of the changes that Chevy made to the Chevy Corvette C8 has hurt its outward visibility, and that’s one of its most annoying issues right now.  

An overview of the Chevy Corvette C8 

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The Corvette is entering its eighth generation. Chevy’s experienced some production issues, which has caused delays. Regardless, it’s clear that a lot of people want to get their hands on a C8, and Chevy’s scrambling to meet that demand. The C8 is as powerful as ever.

It comes equipped with one engine option, though customers can upgrade its power in other ways. The C8 has a 6.2-liter V8, and it gets 490 hp. The optional exhaust upgrade will bring that number up to 495 hp. This engine allows the C8 to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. That being said, this won’t be the only engine option forever. Chevy will soon debut the much more powerful Corvette Z06. 

The Corvette Z06 should debut in the 2022 model year, and it will have a different engine option. It’ll have a 5.5-liter V8 that gets about 600 hp. Chevy will also offer a performance package. When appropriately equipped, the Z06 should go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. However, no matter the trim, the C8 will probably continue to have the same visibility issue. 

New engine layout, new problems

As GM Authority wrote, for the C8, Chevy decided to put the engine in the car’s rear. The prior generations of the Corvette had its engine placed in the front, but this change brought new issues to the famed muscle car. Overall, the C8’s outward visibility has been reduced, especially in terms of the rearview. 

GM Authority said that this visibility issue is compounded by the fact that the C8’s “rear quarter window is fake.” As a result of this new problem, blind-spot monitoring is required for the C8. The good news is that it’s a standard safety feature of the 2LT and the 3LT trims. The bad news is it’s not available at all on the 1LT trim. The camera does work well when it’s available at least. 

The Chevy C8’s other issues


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Moving the engine to the rear has its pros and cons, and one of the other cons, according to GM Authority, has to do with the C8’s cargo capacity. The C8 still has a trunk. This is because the engine is placed in the rear middle of the car. Furthermore, since the front doesn’t have an engine block, the C8 also has a frunk.

The bad news is that even with a trunk and a frunk, GM Authority said that the C8’s cargo capacity is worse than the last generation’s. This mostly has to do with the C8’s cargo capacity isn’t as useful for average cargo as the C7’s trunk is. Asides from that, the C8 also has issues with the interior. For example, despite having wireless charging capability, it’s not well-designed. As such, not that many people will end up using it.