These Convenience Modifications Make Your Car Better to Drive Every Day

With the world returning to a somewhat normal state after some of the worst months of the pandemic, many commuters are now faced with the reality of going back to the office. If you’re one, perhaps you’ve noticed how unpleasant commuting can be. From stereos to tires, to small changes, these convenience modifications can help make that commute just a little nicer.

Get yourself Android Auto or Apple Carplay

A car head unit with Apple Carplay on the display
An aftermarket head unit in a Subaru | Will Ireland via Getty Images

If you’ve ever used Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you’ll know what I’m on about. So maybe skip this and read something more interesting. If not, this easy change can really help ease that commute. Our phones integrate into just about everything now, from our TVs to our refrigerators (weirdly). So, why not integrate your phone into your car? A stereo with Android Auto or Apple Carplay really can change the game.

Both Apple Carplay and Android Auto offer a great host of smartphone-like features, such as Waze, Google and Apple Maps, and voice-to-text. Not only are those great convenience features, but they also help keep your eyes on the road. In my personal experience with both, getting an aftermarket stereo that comes with both is an absolute must for making your car more usable day-to-day.

Tires make a bigger difference than you might think

Pirelli tires at a Formula 2 race
Special tires aren’t just for race cars | Joe Portlock via Getty Images

People don’t usually think of tires when they think about making their car more comfortable, but they should. Having the right set of tires, and more importantly, the right size can drastically improve your car’s ride comfort and quality. The right size tire can help cushion the merciless pothole blows that rain on commuters. Additionally, they can help with road noise. Your ride’s OEM run-flat tires might be what came on the car, but that doesn’t mean they should stay. Run-flat, all-season tires are often noisier than a dedicated set of summer and winter tires.

Just like Android Auto and Apple Carplay, tires are a convenience modification that can help in the safety department too. The proper tire compound in the right weather can help decrease stopping distance. Additionally, the right set of tires at the right time will help your car stay stuck to the road no matter the season.

Creature comforts can change the game

A USB port in a car
Little changes can make a big difference | Smith Collection via Getty Images

Finally, adding some minor creature comforts can really help with commuting discomfort. Simple things like a trash can, or those little dividers that go in the seats to catch coins can really help. No one really has a name for those but you can find them on Amazon. If you’re handy with some tools, maybe add in an aftermarket USB port for charging, but as always, modify at your own risk. Frankly, any of these items discussed should help make your car more pleasant to drive every day.

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