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When you think of long-lasting trucks it’s common for the Toyota Tundra to come to mind. Toyota has an excellent reputation for durability and many options have stood the test of time. Now another Toyota Tundra is about one million miles. 

Another Toyota Tundra could reach a million miles

2016 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The average Toyota Tundra model is expected to reach between 200,000 to 250,000 miles. But with proper care and regular maintenance, the Tundra can easily surpass 300,000 miles. 

There are also examples of some Tundra models that reach between 400,000 and 700,000 miles. The range varies based on maintenance practices and probably luck. 

It’s not hard to imagine a few Tundra trucks slated for greatness that were taken out in traffic accidents or due to neglect. 

But Victor Shepard pushes the limits even more. In 2016, he managed to cross the million-mile mark with his 2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 model. It was equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 engine. 

He used the truck for work as a Hotshot truck driver. This means he made deliveries with a flatbed or other type of trailer. 

Toyota tore the truck apart to see what lessons could be learned, but Shepard only had to perform regular maintenance and had the transmission repaired once to keep it going. 

The transmission needed repairing at about 780,000 miles, but the shop was taking too long. Shepherd ended up going another 80,000 miles before having it replaced at 860,000 miles. Plus, Hurricane Ida beat up the frame a little. 

Most of the other trucks that reach 1,000,000 miles have the engine replaced once or twice and multiple transmission replacements. 

So, Shepard’s truck is impressive with its trouble-free life. Also, all of the maintenance was handled by local Toyota dealerships. 

He got a new Tundra in 2014 and in 2016, Toyota traded a new truck for his 2007 model. The 2016 Tundra is used as a personal truck while the 2014 Tundra is used for work. 

The 2014 Tundra crossed the 900,000-mile mark on December 27, 2023. If things keep going the right way, then it could cross one million miles by the end of October 2024. 

Its biggest problem is related to one transmission replacement so far. But do we give the credit to the Tundra or Shepard at this point? Can he get a truck from a different brand over 1,000,000 miles with only one transmission replacement?