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When I was a kid I thought my coaches were superheroes. They seemed like the wisest, toughest, and most talented guys around. Well it turns out the lacrosse coach at Nease High School in Florida is an actual hero.

The boys were on their way to play West Palm Beach. En route they saw a semi-truck crashed in to a pond by the road. Head coach Max Gurowski took a break from hyping up his team and told the charter bus driver to stop and check on the situation.

Spoiler alert: the situation was not good. The trailer was still afloat, but the tractor trailer had sunk and the driver was struggling to get ashore. So Coach Gurowski leapt in to the water and swam out to the sinking truck. He then grabbed the driver and helped pull him ashore. In a bystander’s video, you can even see him push the driver onto the bank first.

The wheels of a semi truck crashing in to a pond.
Semi truck in water | Sophonnawit Inkaew via iStockPhoto

Can you possibly hype up your team any more? Imagine how the boys felt walking onto the field mere minutes later. Most incredibly, Coach Gurowski even risked being late for the big game to help the crash victim. He must have been pretty confident his boys could beat those beach-dwelling bums.

All jokes aside, kids deserve good role models. The students of Nease High School have a great one. Not only is Max Gurowski willing to risk his life to save someone in need and has been a winning head coach for seven years, but he is a teacher in the school’s exceptional student education program, is an accomplished lacrosse player himself, and proudly lists many community service organizations on his resume. So le’ts hear a chear for Coach Gurowski!

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