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Many publications produce their own version of a best vehicles list every year. For iSeeCars, the best midsize SUVs for 2022 feature many models from many different automakers. Two of the most popular are Chevy and GMC, both General Motors brands. Since these models are popular among consumers, it’s worth pointing out where they finished on the best models of 2022 list. According to iSeeCars, neither of GM’s midsize SUVs made the top 10.

The Chevy Traverse didn’t make the top 10

CHevy and GMC midsize SUVs didn't make iSeeCars top 10.
2022 Chevy Traverse | Creative Commons

There are 16 vehicles on the list of iSeeCars best midsize SUVs. Many familiar models like the Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, and Jeep Grand Cherokee are listed from top to bottom. However, they’re not all excellent. For example, the 2022 Chevy Traverse is one of the worst overall models. It finished at the number 13 spot, just behind the Ford Edge and ahead of the Kia Sorento. Ranking outside the top 10 is surprising for such a popular automaker and model.

The publication has a few problems with the Traverse. For example, there’s no hybrid or electric powertrain, adaptive cruise control remains optional, and buyers who choose a used model year will lack safety systems. In other words, the Chevy midsize SUV feels older, lacking modern features buyers love in models on the list that finished in the top 10. With today’s fuel prices, getting 20-21 average mpg isn’t good enough. Additionally, the value retention for the Chevy Traverse is just 6.9/10, lower than most competitors.

GMC Acadia: Better, but not great

iSeeCars does not have GMC or Chevy models in the top 10 for midsize SUVs.
2023 GMC Acadia Denali | GMC

Although the GMC Acadia finished higher on the list than the Traverse, it still didn’t crack the top 10. Finishing 11 out of 16 models, the Acadia has a few significant problems. For example, like the Traverse it doesn’t retain its value well over time, making it worth less money long term. Additionally, it’s less reliable than the average midsize SUV. All buyers want their safe, family vehicle to last a long time.

In addition, the Acadia suffers from many of the same issues as its Chevrolet corporate cousin. For example, it has no green powertrain available. A lack of hybrid or electric options in any lineup is detrimental today. Next, advanced active safety systems are optional, not standard. Without standard safety systems, Acadia buyers need to spend more to ensure their safety. Locking lower-paying customers out of safety equipment isn’t a great idea.

What is the best midsize SUV?

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Both GM midsize SUVs finishing outside the top 10 on iSeeCars’ list of best models is surprising. However, it isn’t surprising that it named the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot the best models overall. As some of the most popular vehicles available, the Highlander and Pilot are staples of the midsize SUV segment. iSC says the Toyota offering continues to impress with its class-leading fuel economy, potent base engine, and excellent reliability. It received an 8.5/10 for reliability and a more impressive perfect score for safety.

Similarly, the Honda Pilot is also perfect for safety and received an excellent 8.6/10 for reliability. Being safe and reliable is a great way to earn buyers’ trust, especially in a popular SUV segment. Furthermore, the Pilot excels thanks to its seating for up to eight, family-friendly features, the largest interior volume, and the fact that it’s made in America.

Chevy and GMC midsize SUVs didn’t make it

In conclusion, popular midsize SUVs from Chevy and GMC didn’t make iSeeCars top 10. Although they have a lot going for them, the models fail to impress compared to rivals. Mostly, the GM SUVs lack modern features like a hybrid powertrain and many active safety systems. Additionally, low reliability continues to haunt Chevy and GMC models, an area where Toyota and Honda thrive.