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File this under “Unintended Features of Your Chevy Equinox.” Owners are experiencing the windows of their 2018-2021 Equinox or GMC Terrain lowering at least one-half inch or more when they turn up the volume. They experience the unintended feature from listening to music with a lot of heavy base. Maybe the Chevy Equinox ECU has a problem with Rap music?

Drivers might also see a message flash that says “Open Then Close Driver Window.” They say that loud music is not good for your ears so maybe those of you prone to turning up the volume should not have GM fix this problem. For the rest of you, Chevy has the fix. 

The Chevy Equinox has a fix for the loud music issue

A silver 2021 GMC Terrain SLT crossover SUV on a city street
2021 GMC Terrain SLT | General Motors

It has released a technical service bulletin over the issue. The power window motor loses memory from intense vibrations in the door caused by the speakers.  Dealers are installing foam around the window motor to dampen vibrations. 

Equinox and Terrain crossovers already have foam in the doors but apparently, that is not enough. The service bulletin gives specific instructions for the service technicians to thwart further vibration/window issues. Because this isn’t a safety risk it is not technically a recall. 

GM doesn’t say whether you should also stop listening to Rap music. We can suggest not listening to Billy Joel or U2, but we don’t think that will affect this problem. It’s just a friendly suggestion from your pals at Motorbiscuit.

We don’t know how many 2018-2021 Equinox/Terrain crossovers are affected

The 2018 Chevy Equinox driving on the road
2018 Chevy Equinox | Chevy

We don’t know how this problem was discovered, nor do we know how many 2018-2021 Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain crossovers are affected. We suggest now that there is recognition of the problem from a technical service bulletin being issued, you contact your Chevy or GMC dealer and tell them about the problem. 

That, or just turn down your music or listen to NPR or something similar. There are easier ways to cure this problem and save your ears in the process.


The Chevy Equinox Is Facing a Troubling Problem