Carvana Unveils its Latest Vending Machine with a Las Vegas Spin

Carvana is one of the easiest ways to buy a used car, and if you happen to live in Las Vegas, it’s one of the most fun ways too. The online used car vendor recently opened up its newest vending machine location in Las Vegas and while it still does the same thing as all of the other vending machines that the company has erected, this one has a different spin on it.

Carvana’s Vegas vending machine is slots of fun

Shopping for a used car on Carvana is a lot like shopping for a pair of shoes online: you search for the car you want, enter your personal information, and within minutes you can purchase a new car completely online. Of course, when they deliver the car to you at home, you’ll still have to sign some paperwork.

But ultimately, there’s no hassle, no need to haggle, and best of all, no salesperson to deal with. And if you live in one of the 27 cities that has a Carvana vending machine, then you can opt to pick up your “new-to-you” car at the company’s glass structure in a fun and exciting way.

A photo of an eight-story car vending machine operated by the online used car dealer Carvana
An eight-story car vending machine operated by the online used car dealer Carvana that dispenses purchased cars to customers is seen in Huntington Beach, California. | (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)

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Traditionally, when you pick up the car at the vending machine, a Carvana rep hands you a hockey puck-sized coin to put into a slot, and then the car makes its way down to you for delivery. But in the new Las Vegas vending machine location, customers will get to insert the coin into a slot machine and feel the joy of hitting a jackpot when taking delivery of their car.

“We are ready to raise the stakes in Vegas with our iconic Car Vending Machine, giving customers a slot machine like they’ve never seen before,” said Ernie Garcia, Carvana founder and CEO. “Our new design celebrates the destination and gives customers the chance to experience The New Way to Buy a Car® in a whole new way.”

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The new Carvana vending machine will match the Vegas skyline well

Much like the other Carvana vending machine locations around the U.S., the new structure Las Vegas is a bright and colorful glass building that stands 11 stories tall and can fit up to 39 vehicles at a time.

Unfortunately, you can’t go up to the vending machine and buy a car on the spot as all of the vehicles in it have already been sold; the vending machine option is just a unique way for owners to pick up their cars. And if you don’t currently live in an area with a vending machine, then you can always opt for a contact-less delivery straight to your home.

A laptop showing the Carvana logo
When it debuted in 2013, Carvana leapfrogged the franchised dealer by allowing consumers to buy cars online, which forced franchised dealers to elevate service and allow customers to complete transactions in any number of ways. | Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

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Where is the Las Vegas vending machine located?

The Las Vegas machine is located at 3720 Morgan Cashmans Way and is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST. This slot-type vending machine is the company’s newest location and is the 28th in the U.S. Other vending machines are located in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, and Georgia.