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For months Acura has been teasing us with images and previews of the new Integra Type S. The Type S will be a thrill ride when Acura starts delivering them to dealers. What enthusiast can’t resist a 320-horsepower VTEC Honda engine with a close ration 6-speed manual transmission?
But, for those of us who want our thrills now, the Honda Civic Type R may be the ticket.

When is the Acura Integra Type S release date?

Acura tells us we can expect the Integra Type S to come our way in June of 2023. We got the regular Integra last fall and reviewers quickly fell in love with the regular car. MotorBiscuit’s Joe Santos calls the car “refined and engaging,” for example.

But it’s essentially a 2023 Honda Civic Si in a nicer suit. And, that means that the Honda Acura Integra Type S is a Honda Civic Type R.

What is the Integra Type S?

Yes, the Integra Type S is a rebadged Honda, and that means that it will be quick, practical, and easy to live with. The Honda Civic Type R gets a 315-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder, while the Acura Integra Type S’s engine is boosted to 320.  The Type S and Type R both get a six-speed manual gearbox, beefier radiators, and performance brakes with better cooling.

What really makes the Type R feel fast, however, is its light flywheel. With less rotating mass in the engine bay to accelerate, you get instant-on power. Of course, the Type R is a Civic, so that means it’s front-wheel drive, but the suspension and differential were upgraded to deal with the new power connected to the 19-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tires.

Also, the Type R has a datalogger for recording all of your hero moves and dropping lap times at the racetrack.

What’s the difference between a Type S and a Type R?

The big difference between an Acura Integra Type S and a Honda Civic Type R is the price: the Acura starts at $50,800, or $51,995 after destination. The Honda Civic Type R, however, starts at $43,795.

What do you get for that extra $8,200? Suspension? No. Engine? No. Brakes? No. They’re the same.

The main differences between the two are the badging and the levels of standard equipment. The Honda Civic Type R interior only comes in one flavor, black with retina-burning red seats. The Type S gets less boy racer black and white seats, set off in a sea of piano black and chrome trim. The Type S gets NSX-styled wheels. While the Type R is strictly a four-seater, the Type S gets a center belt for five seats.

The Honda gets a large 9.0-inch screen, the Acura’s is a giant 10.2-inches.  Acura says the six-speed in the Type-S is exclusive to the Type S. But, for those of us who don’t want to order an Acura Type S, and want our turbocharged thrills now, you can head to your local Honda shop and pick one up. And, hey, you’ll save $8,200 to boot.


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