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In an announcement published on March 20th, Acura confirms that the highly anticipated Acura Integra Type S will make more power than the Honda Civic Type-R. The performance version of Acura’s latest model, the Integra Type S is geared toward an enthusiast audience. With some old-school touches and new-school tech, the Type S is primed to make a big splash when it lands later this year.

Performance figures for the Integra Type S

While the 2024 Acura Integra Type S uses the same 2.0-liter turbocharged VTEC four-cylinder engine as the Civic Type R, the luxury model will boast more performance. The official announcement from Acura states that the Type S will deliver 320 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. That puts it just ahead of the 315-horsepower Civic, though torque figures are equal across the pair.

No automatic option in the Type S

Acura Integra Type S shares styling with Civic Type R
Acura Integra Type S | Acura

To further enhance the top-tier Integra’s street cred, Acura is offering its sporty compact with only a six-speed manual transmission. The short-throw gearbox will help to boost the engagement factor while prioritizing acceleration over outright top speed. Those touches should help tie the Integra Type S back to its mid-90s origins. For some, that may make up for the Integra’s disappointing styling, which looks more like a warmed-over ILX than a throwback sports coupe.

More details to come at the official reveal

The 2024 Acura Integra Type S teaser from rear
Acura Integra Type S | Acura

These early details still don’t tell the whole story of the upcoming Acura Integra Type S. The official reveal isn’t happening until the Grand Prix of Long Beach in early April. At this point, that may be redundant, considering the Type S is just a sportier Integra. Still, if there are any more tricks up Acura’s sleeves, we’ll hear about those in just a few weeks.

Acura Integra Type S vs Civic Type R

Comparing these two isn’t easy since the Integra Type S has yet to officially break cover. However, the Civic Type R should remain a compelling option even next to its in-house competition. With just a five-horsepower difference and no improvement in torque, the power bump in the Acura seems to be largely ceremonial.

Those few extra ponies won’t mean much if the Type S weighs considerably more than the sporty Civic. Granted, power-to-weight ratios aren’t as easy to market as simply saying “more power than the Civic Type R”. Still, it’s a waiting game to see how these two Japanese sport sedans will match up head-to-head.

Depending on the gear ratios chosen, the Integra may punch above its weight, and there’s no doubt it’ll be more luxurious than its Honda cousin. The goal of any Acura is to add luxury to the Honda formula, so for current Acura buyers, the Integra Type S should be an enticing option. Anyone hoping for a true throwback to the high-revving and visceral experience of the ’90s car won’t be so impressed. But it’s 2023 now, and every brand is chasing build quality over a raw experience. Keep that in mind, and the new Integra Type S should provide plenty of fun.

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