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A lot goes into buying a new car, like getting insurance. Are there places that allow drivers to register a car without insurance? There are a few, but each has different stipulations for registering a vehicle without insurance. Before you hop in your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle without insurance, keep reading.

Where can you register a car without insurance?

Can you register a car without insurance like these new cars might need
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Kelley Blue Book says that you need a valid insurance policy to get a new vehicle registration in most situations. The amount of insurance you need depends on where you are, as these minimums vary by state.

In Mississippi, you need bodily injury and property damage liability coverage on your car insurance policy to drive. This isn’t required for vehicle registration, though. In New Hampshire, the state has different requirements.

Car insurance isn’t required, but drivers have to prove there are “sufficient funds” and meet the “financial responsibility requirements” in the case of an accident. New Hampshire reserves the right to suspend driving privileges if the driver cannot prove there are sufficient funds.

Other states where you can register a car without insurance

North Dakota says automotive insurance is required to drive legally, but it isn’t enforced. Drivers can register a car without insurance since no one is checking. Tennessee also wants proof of financial responsibility in order to drive and register a vehicle. If you elect to drive without insurance, the state wants a bond or cash deposit of $65,000 paid to the Department of Revenue.

Virginia has a different take on things, allowing drivers to register a car without insurance for $500. That pays the uninsured motor vehicle fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and everyone wins. Drivers in Washington can elect for “self-insurance.” This allows people to register without insurance, but a few stipulations exist.

Drivers have to have more than 26 vehicles, pay a deposit of $60,000, or get a liability bond for the same amount. Finally, in Wisconsin, drivers do not need proof of insurance to register a vehicle. Kelley Blue Book notes that this option could be revoked if you have a previous suspension or other issues with your license. Even if you find a way to register your car without insurance, you still might need that for driving.

Can you drive without insurance?

Only two states don’t require insurance. The other 48 states require some coverage to drive a car. There are a few types of insurance coverage: uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM), personal injury protection (PIP), or medical payments (MedPay).

Those who live in New Hampshire and Virginia do not need car insurance to drive. That doesn’t mean drivers are without liability, though, as both states have financial responsibility laws. Drivers might have to fill out a form that shows the financial responsibility requirement is met.

In Virginia, you can purchase liability coverage or purchase a surety bond. There is also a self-insurance certificate from the DMV. If these still don’t work, buyers can pay the $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee. This won’t help if you get in an accident, but it’ll get you on the road. The best solution is to get the insurance that protects you and others.


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