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Electric and hybrid vehicles require electrical energy to charge them. This power can come from regenerative braking, charging stations powered by the electric grid, or other energy-harnessing methods. Could you run far enough to become a Tesla charger? This question is humorously answered in the video at the end, but first, let’s think about this scenario.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

Tesla Model 3 Plugged into a Public Tesla Supercharger
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

If we only consider the smallest Tesla EV, the Model 3 in RWD form takes 6 hours and 15 minutes to charge using a 240-volt Tesla home charger. If the Long Range and Performance model is the Model 3 chosen, the time increases to 8 hours and 15 minutes to reach a full battery charge.

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

The cost associated with charging depends on the length of time plugged into the charging station. The Standard Range Tesla Model 3 costs approximately $7.65 to fully charge the batteries at a public charging station. When attached to a Tesla home charger, the cost is much less.

What is the driving range of a Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 offers between 272 and 315 miles of driving range, depending on the configuration.

These three questions offer reference points for the rest of our discussion. Can you actually run far enough to be an effective Tesla charger or a charging device for any electric vehicle?

Didn’t the Grand Tour cast perform this experiment already?

In Season 1, Episode 9 of The Grand Tour, “Berks to the Future,” the cast attempted unconventional electric vehicle charging methods. They used a dog chasing a ball, a gym full of people working out, a revolving door, and a track and field day for children.

Suffice it to say most of their attempts failed miserably. Although some methods showed a bit of promise with some charging going to the EV, most were ineffective at providing enough charge from people and puppy power to get the job done.

 Can a person become their own EV charger?

How long do you want to run on a giant hamster wheel? Could an entire spin class work together to power an EV? Does lifting weights add enough power to effectively charge an electric vehicle?

As strange as some of these questions sound, you can see all of them demonstrated in the video below. The host attempts to trick people into charging his Tesla Model 3 but ultimately realizes it’s all for naught. The people power required to charge one Tesla is too much for one person or a spin class.

The result of the experiment shows that it would take nearly 8.5 days of running on a human-sized hamster wheel to fully charge a Tesla Model 3. Thus, it’s not practical or effective for a person to become a Tesla charger.

Of course, most of us might not do what the video’s host did to his Tesla at the end.


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