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Yes, I am crazy about the Honda S2000. It’s not because the S2000 is fast (it’s not), but mainly because it’s a fun car to drive on the street. The 237 hp that its engine puts out is more than enough to have fun up to and around the speed limit, and its amazing handling characteristics make it a blast to drive on canyon roads. But what makes the Honda S2000 better is the color it’s painted in, and there’s one up for auction on Bring a Trailer right now with a beautiful paint job that makes it ultra-rare.

This Honda S2000 is only 1 of 34 produced in this color for 2007

A rear view of the 2007 Honda S2000 in Imola Orange
2007 Honda S2000 | Bring a Trailer

I thought my 2008 Honda S2000 was rare with its Laguna Blue Pearl paint job, but this one beats it by a quarter-mile. The S2000 in these pictures is painted in Imola Orange, which was only offered in the Canadian market. Rumor has it that this car is one of only 34 ever produced in North America, which makes it far rarer than my car, which is one of 260.

Yes, that is a super nerdy thing to geek out about, but many car people love the colors of their cars. After all, it sets your car apart from the millions of others on the road, so why not stand out?

The good news is that whoever ends up with this Imola Orange beauty will stand out from anyone in the U.S. if they bring it over here. The only potential issue is that paint matching could be a pain if the car were scratched or got into an accident. It’s a wonderful color, nonetheless.

This Honda S2000 is clean in more ways than one

The interior view of the 2007 Honda S2000 in Imola Orange
2007 Honda S2000 | Bring a Trailer

Take a look at these pictures, and it’s clear that this orange Honda S2000 is super clean. It doesn’t look like there are any glaring paint issues or rock chips. The seller (MeisterMotors) even provided paint meter readings to show that it hasn’t been repainted. Furthermore, all 10 VIN stickers are present on the body panels and bumpers, which means the car hasn’t been in an accident. A clean CARFAX record provides further proof.

Otherwise, this Honda S2000 is completely stock like it came from the factory. According to the Bring a Trailer listing, there are only around 21,000 miles on the odometer, so I’m sure it feels like a brand-new car as well. Contributing to that point is the lack of aftermarket modifications, which should help the value of this car as the auction plays out.

The most notable standard equipment on this S2000 includes a high-revving 2.2-liter VTEC engine, Xenon headlights, and a black leather interior that doesn’t look cracked or torn up. Did I mention that this car is very rare?

This super rare convertible should go fast

The 2007 Honda S2000 in Imola Orange
2007 Honda S2000 | Bring a Trailer

Although the Honda S2000 isn’t a fast car, this particular example will be gone in a flash. As of this writing, the auction ends in five days, and the current bid is up to $30,250. I think it will end in the $50,000 range, which is fair considering the car’s condition.

What do you think? For more information on the Honda S2000, be sure to check out more of our stories on MotorBiscuit.