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Size matters a lot for many truck and SUV shoppers, and it’s not surprising that the midsize and full-size SUV segments are so popular in the U.S. Car shoppers who absolutely need the biggest SUV that they can get their hands on, though, shouldn’t be shocked to find out that it’s the 2023 Chevy Suburban. Here’s a look at the 2023 Chevy Suburban, why it’s the biggest SUV on the market, and how households can benefit from having this big SUV parked in their garage.

These are the biggest SUVs on the market right now

The 2023 Chevy Suburban, the biggest 2023 SUVs, in black parked in front of a modern building with wood accents.
The 2023 Chevy Suburban | Chevrolet

U.S. News recently created a list of the 12 biggest 2023 SUVs on the market, and the entries aren’t too surprising. As expected, all the SUVs on the list are in the full-size SUV segment, but there is some variety as the list includes luxury full-size SUVs and normal full-size SUVs. The list was sorted by max cargo capacity, and the luxurious BMW X7 came in at 12th as it tops out at 90.4 cu. ft.

Another luxury SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover, was slightly ahead of the X7 as the Range Rover has 92.9 cu. ft. of space. Then there’s the Infiniti QX80, which has 95.1 cu. ft., and it’s followed by the Nissan Armada, which has 95.4 cu. ft. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is next, and it has a big leap over the Armada as the Jeep has 112.9 cu. ft. of cargo capacity. 

The Lincoln Navigator is ahead of the Grand Wagoneer with 120.2 cu. ft. of space. The Ford Expedition topped the Navigator with its 121.4 cu. ft. of space. The Chevy Tahoe was in fifth place, maxing out at 125.9 cu. ft., and it’s followed by the Jeep Wagoneer, which gets 130.9 cu. ft. The Cadillac Escalade is in third with its 142.8 cu. ft., and the GMC Yukon is in second with its 144.7 cu. ft. of cargo capacity.

How the 2023 Chevy Suburban tops the list of the biggest 2023 SUVs

Unsurprisingly, the Chevy Suburban topped the list, but it actually has the same exact max cargo capacity as the GMC Yukon, as both SUVs have up to 144.7 cu. ft. of cargo space. This shouldn’t be a surprise for fans of General Motors, since the Suburban is almost identical to the Yukon XL. Overall, the Suburban is the better big SUV due to its interior.

Since the Suburban is such a large SUV, the seats are spacious and comfortable. It’s not a luxury SUV, which helps keep its starting price tag at a decent $55,500. Cloth upholstery is standard, and Chevy offers a variety of seating configurations.

The Suburban can seat up to nine passengers, but it can also seat just seven. The big SUV also has some solid tech features, including an 8-inch touchscreen, and Chevy Super Cruise is available on the top trims.

Who would benefit from having a big SUV like the 2023 Chevy Suburban?

The Chevy Suburban’s $55,000 starting price tag could be too pricey for many households, but it can be a good SUV option for other families. There aren’t many vehicles on the market that can seat up to nine people, and many SUVs with a high seating capacity don’t necessarily have spacious seats. The Suburban has both, which makes it appealing for larger families seeking comfort.

The big SUV’s massive cargo capacity is also attractive for larger families, especially when it’s combined with the SUV’s 7,800-pound towing capacity. Those two specs make the Suburban a good choice for folks that need to carry a lot of cargo as well as tow around items such as a boat or a trailer.


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