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President Joe Biden is well known for his car collection. While he was the Vice President, he and Jay Leno famously did burnouts in his Corvette Stringray. His love of GMs runs deep: between his vice presidency and presidency he drove around in a 400+ horsepower custom Cadillac. Now his old car’s for sale, and the internet has opinions.

President Biden custom ordered his Cadillac ATS-V in an eye-catching configuration. Curious about the perks of being an ex-Vice President? Biden actually ordered his ATS-V through a back-and-fourth with Cadillac executives. These emails are, of course, included withe the car. He specified he wanted a sedan. He also asked for the bronze racing rims from the Cadillac Blackwing, blacked out emblems, and the Rennick Performance grille and trim. Finally, he requested Cadillac’s “Kona brown” color for his semi-aniline leather interior. The Cadillac execs were happy to oblige Joe Biden, and because they don’t normally offer that color for the ATS-V, the resulting sedan is a true one-of-one.

The ATS-V was Cadillac’s answer to the BMW 3 series and 4 series. It has stiffer suspension featuring magnetic ride control. Its twin-turbocharged V6 is rated at 464 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque.

Bronze Cadillac Blackwing rim on Joe Biden's custom ATS-V
President Biden’s 2018 Cadillac ATS-V | Cars & Bids

Not only is this car an excellent daily-driver choice for a GM fan, but President Biden’s configuration is stunning. That Kona Brown interior pairs perfectly with the Sapele wood trim. I’m a big fan of bronze rims, and they make this black luxury sedan look very unique.

One user commented on the Cars & Bids auction: “It’s a shame Cadillac never sold these with the Kona trim, because it’s the prettiest color combo I’ve seen on one. Regardless of political affiliation, you got admit, Biden’s got great taste in cars.”

The seller is Delaware Cadillac. It notes a couple of downsides to the car. In February 19th, the right-rear door was replaced because of a scuff. And in May 2020, the bumpers were touched up because of “minor damage” sustained to both the front and rear in April 2020. The dealership completed a more thorough repair to the bodywork in June 2023.

Kona brown leather interior in President Joe Biden's custom Cadillac ATS-V
President Biden’s 2018 Cadillac ATS-V | Cars & Bids

There are some intriguing irregularities in this listing. First of all, President Biden leased this car instead of buying it outright. He made at least $15 million on a book deal after leaving the Vice Presidency, obviously he could have afforded the car. So I wonder if GM offered him a complimentary lease.

In addition, Biden put over 12,000 miles on the car while he owned it. When he won the Presidency in the fall of 2020, he had to swap his fleet out for Secret Service cars and it made sense to let his ATS-V go. But then Delaware Cadillac put 3,700 miles on this ATS-V. It’s not a model Cadillac sells any longer, so it wasn’t a test drive car. No one else took ownership of the car, so I’m curious what happened. Perhaps the dealership owner threw dealer plates on it and daily drove it.

Obviously the auction comment section is burning hot enough to break the internet. The moderators have begged, “As always, we ask that comments remain productive to the auction process, polite to all other users, and focused specifically on the car at hand.” But the community has still flagged many comments as inappropriate.

The rear of President Joe Biden's custom black Cadillac ATS-V
President Biden’s 2018 Cadillac ATS-V | Cars & Bids

In the midst of this heated back-and-fourth, one bidder asked Delaware Cadillac a hilarious question. “Is there any secret service or any surveillance devices present on the vehicle?” Delaware Cadillac simply responded, “No.”

The winning bidder will not only get the car, but they’ll get copies of the email correspondents ordering the car, the window sticker which was signed by President Biden himself, and photos of Joe Biden taking delivery.

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