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Road trips are fun, but sometimes they simply aren’t practical. This is obvious enough for international flights, but it can apply for traveling from state to state if you’re in a hurry. Prices for flights can be surprisingly cheap, making this all the more attractive, unless you want to fly first class, of course. But what if you could charter your own private airplanes? Here are some tips to help you decide which choice is right for you.

Flying first class has its benefits

The list of reasons to pick first class seem endless. There’s more legroom, the food is better, you get prioritized for check-in, and you get to sit in comfortable seats. When compared to economy seats, which are only attractive due to the price point, first class starts to look pretty good.

You don’t have to worry about someone demanding you switch seats with them, because everyone already has the seats they want. While all your wants and wishes aren’t catered to, for the most part, you have all the high points met. There’s only one major downside to flying first class, and that’s the extremely high prices.

According to Coast Private, the cheapest you can expect to land a first class seat is $800. This can easily soar to thousands of dollars. For those who can afford it, flying first class seems like the obvious way to go. There are a few reasons why you should think about chartering a private jet, however.

Flying private has some attractive amenities

Chartering a private jet may seem like a pipe dream, but there are a few occasions when it makes sense. For business trips where you’ll be traveling with your associates, then it’s a great way to rest and relax before hitting the ground, or have a strategy meeting.

This is especially true for flights that will last less than two hours, and you charter a small to midsize jet. As hard as it is to believe, a private jet can also be more comfortable than first class. There’s more room, and you can pick and choose what amenities you want. In first class, you have more choices than someone sitting in economy, but you don’t really get to tailor it the way you would on a private jet.

International flights aren’t exactly ideal for chartering a private jet, as this will greatly increase the price. According to Coastal Private, “On-demand charter service price depends on the plane size, Light Jets start at $2,800 per hour. Mid-Size Jets start at $3,800 per hour. Super Mid-Size Jets start at $4,500 per hour. Large Cabin Jets start at $6,500 per hour.”

Which should you choose?

The biggest factor to consider when trying to choose between a private jet and first class is how many people are going on the trip. If you’ve got a big group traveling over land, then a private jet is the obvious choice. You don’t have to worry about your group being split up, you can plan before you hit the ground, and you don’t have to worry about sharing.

If on the other hand, you’re flying solo, then first class is the way to go. It’ll cost you less money in the long run, especially if you’re traveling overseas. You will obviously have to wait, as opposed to arriving at the airport and boarding your plane, but it’ll save you some money.

If your budget is not an issue, then it really doesn’t matter. You can choose the private jet and enjoy all the amenities it offers, or you can fly first class. The choice is yours.

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