Best Work Vans Under $10,000

When you are on the hunt for a commercial work van for business-related use, keeping the price low is often important. However, sacrificing on reliability or utility isn’t an option. Are there good cheap work vans out there for less than $10,000?

The front of a white Ford Transit Connect cargo van
Ford Transit Connect cargo van | Ford Motor Company

The answer is yes. You can actually find many options for that price point. And you don’t even have to go back that far in terms of models years, depending on what van you decide to go with. There are many compelling options, but the following are a few that we think are the best cheap work vans.

Used Ford Transit Connect

According to AutoTrader, it’s entirely possible to find a Ford Transit Connect for under $10,000. From the 2014 model year to the 2018 model year almost seems a little bit too new for such a low price on such a versatile van. But it’s actually not too good to be true. If a smaller city van will do for your business needs, a used Ford Transit Connect is one of the best cheap work vans you can buy.

The Ford Transit Connect boasts roomy cargo space for its size. This good cheap work van is a great commercial vehicle for city driving. Its two engine options are either a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder or the turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost.

These both lend the used Ford Transit appealing fuel economy compared to some of the other larger used vans. Additionally, the used Ford Transit Connect is a keen daily driver for maneuvering urban terrain. Its smaller size also gives it an edge if you need to parallel park or squeeze into tight parking spots.

Used Chevy Express and used GMC Savana

These two commercial vehicle options offered by GM are found for under $10,000 as well. Both the Chevy Express and the GMC Savana are large workhorses. They are some of the best cheap work vans available. According to AutoTrader, it’s actually possible to find both of these used vans for this price point as new as 2018 as well.

The more throwback 6-liter V8 generates 341 hp and can tow up to 10,000 pounds. Even the older, more high mileage findings of these good cheap work vans are absolute workhorses. They can haul, tow, and you can stuff these used commercial vehicles full of cargo. The V8 will of course be a little more thirsty than something like the Ford Transit’s engine, but it’s a give and take for more robust utility.

a white GMC Savana Work Van sideview
2010 GMC Savana | AutoTrader

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Used Ram Commercial Vehicle Tradesman

The Ram Tradesman is a mini version of the Ram ProMaster, meant to compete with other smaller city vans like the Ford Transit Connect. AutoTrader reports that you can find one of these cheap used work vans for under $10,000 from the 2012 to the 2015 model years. If you find one, you’ll have found one of the best cheap work vans for your business.

Its production was short-lived, so they aren’t quite as easy to find. But if you do find one, you’ll get the “reliable and efficient 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine.” This little city slicker commercial vehicle navigates with clever ease and boasts a decent towing capacity of 3,600 lbs.

a white Ram Tradesman that looks like a Dodge caravan but with a acreage van twist
Ram C/V Tradesman | AutoTrader

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Best cheap work vans

If you get one of these used work vans, you’ll have saved some pretty serious buck without sacrificing. Each of these represents a good cheap work van. They each have their areas of expertise and, depending on what kind of used commercial vehicle you need for your business, you’ll end up with utility and value.