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Fully loaded luxury SUVs offer a degree of comfort and performance that few drivers will ever get to experience. Final configuration models often showcase the best features a brand has to offer. Luxury automakers make fully loaded models that take driving and ownership experiences up a notch. The best fully-loaded small luxury SUV isn’t a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, contrary to popular belief.

Genesis makes the best fully-loaded small luxury SUV

Genesis, the luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Company, has been getting plenty of attention in recent years. The South Korean automaker knows value, and its luxury brand is proving that it can balance amazing standard features and stellar performance.

It’s no secret that the Genesis GV70 is a major player in its segment. It’s going up against heavy hitters like the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class and the BMW X3. The GV70 shares many qualities with the well-received G70 but offers more value for small families as an SUV. Additionally, it’s praised for its powerful engine options and luxurious interior.

Although the base model is a great choice for drivers sticking to a strict budget, the fully loaded GV70 is the better trim by far. It starts at $55,250. The GV70 3.5T comes with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V7 engine that makes 375 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque. That’s incredible power for a small SUV. Aside from its impressive power output, it also has great standard features.

2023 Genesis GV70 3.5T standard features

  • Keyless ignition
  • Wireless device charging
  • Rear parking sensors
  • All-wheel drive
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Turn signal in mirrors (heated)
  • Leather/cloth bucket front seats (multi-level heated/ventilated)
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot/ lane departure warnings
A white 2023 Genesis GV70 small luxury SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Genesis GV70 | Genesis

The 2023 Genesis GV70 3.5T is one of the most well-equipped vehicles in its segment. It offers plenty of creature comforts at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Furthermore, its power output makes it enjoyable to own and drive. The GV70 3.5T has advanced driver assistance and safety features that make driving both safer and more convenient.

The best small luxury SUVs for 2023

A green 2023 BMW X3 small luxury SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 BMW X3 | BMW
Fully Loaded Small Luxury SUV2023 Genesis GV70 3.5 T2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 300 4Matic Pinnacle2023 BMW X3 M40i
Starting MSRP$55,250$54,700$61,00
Engine/ Power Output3.5-Liter Twin Turbocharged V6
375 HP/391 LB-FT Torque
2.0-Liter Turbocharged Four-Cylinder with Mild Hybrid Drive
255 HP/295 LB-FT Torque
3.0-Liter Turbocharged V6
382 HP/369 LB-FT of Torque
Pros*Smooth ride quality
*Affordable compared to some rivals
*Exciting performance specs
*Attractive exterior design
*Great tech features
*Affordable add-ons like heated steering wheel/heated front seats
*Great fuel economy
*Engaging driving dynamics
*Handles like a sports car

Based on the chart above, it’s easy to see that the fully loaded Genesis GV70 is more well-balanced than some of its major rivals. It’s more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 300 4Matic Pinnacle but significantly more powerful. Furthermore, it’s much more affordable than the 2023 BMW X3 M40i.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are giants in the luxury SUV space. Thanks to models like the Genesis GV70, Genesis can overtake the two German luxury brands. Does Genesis make the best luxury SUV on the market?


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