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Windshield wipers are as important as any other car safety feature. You should replace your wiper blades every six to 12 months, depending upon where you live. Though swapping out old wipers for new ones is a simple maintenance task, you don’t want to waste your money on flimsy replacements. If your car’s blades are overdue for a change, check out four of the best car windshield wipers of 2022, according to Motor1.

1. Bosch Icon 180E windshield wiper blades

best car windshield wipers 2022
Car windshield wipers | Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Motor1 says these windshield wipers provide the best performance overall. They’re constructed with tensioned beam-style blades, which have more pressure points than a conventional wiper blade. As such, they can clean debris from your windshield with fewer swipes.

The dual-rubber components on these wipers are also more durable, and the blades have an aerodynamic spoiler. Every set also includes a few attachments to make installation easier.

The Motor1 team’s testing process consisted of installing the blades on the test vehicle and then spraying it with a hose. After recording the test in high resolution, the team watched the footage back in slow motion to determine a final rating. The Bosch Icon 180E wipers are reportedly easy to install and won’t leave any smears on the windshield.

Most customers on Amazon were also satisfied with these blades. One review claims a set lasts for six years, making it a worthy investment for almost $26. However, a few buyers say the wipers still leave behind some dirt after clearing snow.

2. Aero Avenger windshield wipers

These windshield wipers are Motor1’s favorite set in terms of value, available for $22. They also feature an aerodynamic beam design, and the rubber is sprayed with Teflon coating. The Aero Avenger blades perform just as well as the Bosch Icon 180E wipers and can be installed without hassle.

Reviews on Amazon indicate these blades might not last as long as the Icon 180E. One customer says the blades began breaking down after only two months, while many other reviewers said they got two years out of their sets. In addition, quite a few customers are impressed with the Aero Avenger wipers’ almost-silent operation.

3. Rain-X Latitude wiper blades

Latitude windshield wipers are the best in a downpour thanks to a layer of Rain-X coating. This water repellent is applied to your windshield as it wipes away moisture, allowing you to regain optimal visibility more quickly. Motor1 says these windshield wipers work as advertised, but they left streaks.

Still, the Rain-X Latitude blades are easy to install because they come with a universal adaptor. A two-pack of wiper blades costs less than $27 on Amazon, where the product has earned many above-average ratings. 

Some customers even report that the blades will keep your windshield free of ice. However, a few reviews say the blades don’t have the most durable construction. The cap at the end of each blade apparently isn’t strong enough to hold the rubber insert in place after long-term use.

4. Michelin Stealth Ultra windshield wipers

Unlike the three previous products, these Michelin windshield wipers boast a hybrid smart hinge. It allows the blades to apply as much pressure to your windshield as possible. Hybrid blades have metal frames, but they typically have the same flexibility and longevity as beam blades.

Motor1 says these blades work well, but you might need a universal attachment device to install them. Some Amazon customers noted streaking after three months of use, but the wipers still do a decent job. Michelin Stealth Ultra windshield wipers cost about $12 to $30 per blade, depending upon the length.


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