Be Diesel Royalty with This Ford F-550 Diesel 6×6

We at MotorBiscuit firmly believe that axles add awesome. Hennessey Performance offers such an option for Ford F-150 Raptor owners. Sadly, other F-Series trucks, especially heavy-duty ones, have been left out of the fun. And there aren’t any diesel options. Fortunately, an opportunity has presented itself. There’s a Ford F-550 Super Duty Diesel 6×6 up for sale, and as Muscle Cars and Trucks reports, this one has a broyal history.

Who Made This, and Why?

Said history comes courtesy of the Diesel Brothers. Although several of their past builds have landed them in legal hot water—or should that be hot smoke—this one’s a special case. For their show’s fourth season, they were asked to customize this 2017 F550 for the Minnesota Soybean Research Council. Why soybeans? They’re used to make biofuel, hence the “BIODIESEL” on the side of the truck.

The truck was originally delivered to the council last year. The reason for the sale is unknown, but seller Unique Classic Cars states the truck was originally a promotional vehicle.

Ford F550 Diesel 6×6 Build Specs

2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6x6
2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6×6 | Unique Classic Cars

The Diesel Brothers called this truck “Indomitus”, which means “wild, savage, untamed” in Latin. That tells you all you really need to know.

2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6x6 bed
2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6×6 bed | Unique Classic Cars

In addition to the extra axle—which is driven, as Indomitus has six-wheel drive—the suspension has been overhauled. A ReadyLift system added seven inches of additional ground clearance. But since a buyer may want to access the custom ten-foot bed, the rear now has a four-link setup with remote-controlled airbags. You won’t need a ladder to haul soybeans around. The rear shocks were also upgraded to Bilsteins.

Beyond the 40” tires and DBL beadlock wheels, external mods include custom rear fenders, front and rear Flog aftermarket bumpers, as well as a headache rack in the bed. The bed also features a built-in 5th wheel ball hitch.

2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6x6 interior
2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6×6 interior | Unique Classic Cars

In contrast, the interior is stock, except for the previously-mentioned airbag switches. For even more utility, the rear bench seat has a fold-down third seat. The 6-speed automatic is stock, as is the 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, making 440 hp and 925 lb-ft.

Indomitus 6×6 vs. VelociRaptor 6×6

2019 Hennessey VelociRaptor 6x6
2019 Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 | Hennessey Performance

The Indomitus may be a one-off, but it does have a rival in Hennessey’s VelociRaptor 6×6.

The VelociRaptor is more powerful—600 hp from its twin-turbo V6—but it’s built more for raw speed than utility. Considering it’s based on the F-150 Raptor, not a heavy-duty F-Series, this makes sense. It doesn’t have the Indomitus’ airbag-equipped rear suspension or trailer hitch. The diesel also makes more torque. The Indomitus is also way cheaper than the VelociRaptor. Hennessey charges $349,000 for its 6×6, whereas the Indomitus can be had for $145,000.

Unfortunately, there’s only one Indomitus. So if you want to truly flex your diesel love, you better act fast.