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Barn finds still get car nerds fired up no matter how many we see, read about, or even get to uncover ourselves. This latest barn find news comes from the U.K. where a massive horde of dusty European vintage cars has just been uncovered and open to the public to view before they go to auction. This massive private collection runs the whole gambit of vintage cars; it has everything from vintage Porsche 911s and classic Mercedes to some crusty parts cars and shells. 

How big is too big for a barn find collection

As the TFJJ  YouTube page shows, this vintage car barn find is made up of 174 classics ranging from economy crap boxes to collectible sports cars. The public viewing was held from 11-4 the other day. The cars are said to all be in running order. You can even hear the myriad of old engines firing up throughout the video. 

This horde of vintage cars seems incredible, and I’m sure it is, but 174 cars might just be too many to actually enjoy. I guess it makes sense then why the owner has decided to sell. Although they may all turn over, that doesn’t mean most of them are even close to being road-ready. 

This collection is a very cool “everyman” car collection

As noted by Car Scoops most of these cars need a bit of love to get road-worthy, but there are more than a few here worth spending the time and money on. 

According to the “London Barn Finds” Instagram page, which is running this auction, there is a 1973 Porsche 911, a 1975 BMW 2002, a 1987 Mercedes G Wagon, not to mention all of the vintage Mercedes and more than a few vintage Land Rovers.

The entire collection has been appraised by the seller for $1.38 million. As this is the seller’s personal appraisal, buyers may want to take that figure with a grain of salt. That’s not to say there aren’t really cool, valuable cars here, but the figure feels potentially a touch high. 

In addition to the in-person viewing, all of the cars are also listed on eBay. These listings are helpful if there is a particular vintage car that someone has an interest in something but couldn’t make it to the in-person viewing. Or if like us, you just like to peruse the merchandise for a little lunch break daydreaming. Although all of these cars are actually for sale, daydreaming about barn finds is the best part. 

Barn finds like this keep the dream alive

bird's eye view of massive collection of barn find vintage cars went up for auction in the U.K.
Massive barn find | YouTube TFJJ

The idea that you can uncover some vintage gassy car that has long been forgotten, is a fantasy all car nerds share. And the fantasy really ramps up when that dusty old car is something super rare and cool like a Lotus Esprit or a Ferrari. 

The best part about this car nerd fantasy is that it’s real. It’s the “buried” treasure that we can actually find. The days of finding a Lamborghini Muira or a Ferrari 250 GTO might be numbered, but finding some old muscle cars or lesser-known sports cars are still among us. 


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