BAC Mono the British Single Seater Supercar

If ever there was a good time to look at the perfect social distancing vehicle, it’s now. Not trying to make light of a devastating situation impacting the world but we also recognize some things come at just the right time. 

From a small family-run British automobile company comes quite possibly the perfect vehicle for that single-seater experience. The BAC Mono is the world’s first true roadworthy single-seater supercar. TopGear calls “one of the most entertaining cars ever built.”

A BAC Mono is truly bespoke

There is nothing left to chance on this vehicle. This doesn’t even come close to offerings of over the top features offered by other luxury car brands. Every single Mono to leave the Liverpool factory is a one-of-one vehicle that’s completely tailored to the requirements of the customer. Though the term has been overused quite a bit, this is an authentic “bespoke” buying experience like no other.

The car is entirely fitted to its owner – with the seat molded to the owner’s back and the steering wheel molded to their hands. So when they say bespoke, they mean it! Modeling clay is heated up on a wheel before the driver grips strongly for comfort. The shape is then 3D printed to perfection. Honestly, it doesn’t get much more personalized than that. And you thought picking the rims for your last car was a big deal. 

The BAC Mono Race Suit

The BAC Mono doesn’t even stop there. Each vehicle also comes with a fully FIA approved, Formula 1 regulation, Mono Race Suit… you heard right a custom race suit manufactured by Freem. Each custom-designed suit is individually tailored to the owner’s precise dimensions and can be specified as having a tight or loose fit. 

So what we are saying is you can tell anyone who asks you for a ride or to heaven forbid to drive it, “Sorry, this seat does have my name on it, and my form to it, and my custom-molded steering wheel… and did I mention my color scheme too… so get your own.”

BAC is founded on family

BAC’s founding brothers Neill and Ian Briggs (Briggs is what the B represents in BAC) were raised in the world of cars. From the very beginning, they wanted to build something that had never been done before, and that held true to their roots. They started from the ground up, in fact, of the 1,250 bespoke components used to build Mono from 100 suppliers, 95% are based in the UK – 45%, meanwhile, are from local companies in Liverpool and the North West region.

They sacrificed nothing to get from start to finish line, fast… its 2.7-second 0-60mph time shows just how quick it is off the mark. Assisted by another world first, when it became the first manufacturer to develop a car featuring panels incorporating the use of graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel and made of sheets of carbon just one atom thick. Talk about taking something to the limits.

Ben Oliver of Car Magazine said, “Mono is there for when the Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, et al. feel a bit too quiet, too soft, too tame, too dull. And if they don’t feel that way now, they will after the Mono”

Key Statistics

Top Speed: 170mph

0-60mph: 2.7 seconds

Power: 330 hp

Torque: 295 lb-ft

Weight: 1,257 lbs,

Power-to-Weight ratio: 580 hp per ton