Over-The-Top Features Offered By Luxury Car Brands

Luxury cars are known for containing the highest-end technology and design available on the market. While a lot of features make sense and have even become expected of owning a luxury car, some manufacturers go above and beyond. These cars have some impressive and downright ridiculous features – not that we wouldn’t mind having a few of them. 

Massage Seats

Alright, alright, this one is actually pretty cool. The first time I learned that you can get a car with massage seats was the day I started wanting one. This is also one of the most attainable items on the list as many high-end versions of some more common cars have them, such as the Dodge Laramie Longhorn and S Class Mercedes. Honestly, when you think about it, the idea of boasting massage seats in your car even sounds luxurious and rich, and we admit, we might be a little jealous to not have these.

Starlight Headliner

If you are familiar with the Rolls Royce Phantom, you may have found yourself in awe of the headliner. With this design, Rolls Royce ditched the standard fabrics for headliners and decided to do something altogether new and exquisite: the headliner is dotted with embedded lights to make it look like the night sky. While it doesn’t serve any type of real function, the headliner is a stunning addition to an already ostentatious car. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Man, I just wish my Rolls Royce was a little bit more expensive” you can add this starlight headliner option for a mere $12,000.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 04: The interior of a Black Badge Rolls Royce Ghost on display at the London Motor Show at Battersea Evolution on May 4, 2017 in London, England. 41 dealerships and manufacturers will showcase over 130 new vehicles at this years show which will run from 4th to 7th May. (Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)

Scent Systems

When you are driving around a $100,000+ car, the last thing you want is a Tiny Tree’s Vanillaroma air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror. So how do companies like Mercedes-Benz give customers the option to make their car smell fantastic without having to constantly maintain ugly air fresheners? Well, the answer is simple: a scent system integrated into the air conditioning system. Customers have the option of selecting different scents for their cars. The scents are provided in a small glass jar that sits nestled in the car’s glovebox and pumps spritz of scent directly into the car’s cabin via the air vents. The infotainment system allows the driver to customize settings such as spritz frequency and the amount and is guaranteed to make your car smell fantastic at all times. 

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – JANUARY 9: Mercedes-Benz S-Class S560e 4MATIC Plug-in hybrid sedan luxury limousine interior on display at Brussels Expo on January 9, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The W222 version of the S-class is fitted with a large digital dashboard and touch screen and as is also available as luxurious Maybach version. (Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images)

Smart Watch Controls

In a day and age where Apple Watches and smartwatches have taken a place on many people’s wrists, Aston Martin jumped the gun to integrate their own custom smartwatch that can turn your DB9 on and off. No, this isn’t an app you can download onto your smartphone or standard smartwatch, it’s an actual feature integrated with your car. The Aston Martin offers a Jager- LeCoultre Transponder watch that allows owners to remotely control their car. The watch itself will set you back almost $30,000 – but hey, why settle for just a remote start button on your standard FOB?

PARIS, FRANCE – APRIL 22: New Jaeger Lecoultre watch,Aston Martin collection at Place Vendome on April 22, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Michel Dufour/WireImage)

Champagne Chiller and Flutes

If driving your car isn’t your goal, and you prefer to spend your time in the back seat while being chauffeured by a private driver, cars like the Mercedes-Benz S600 offer a great luxury feature that you simply cannot live without. Affixed in the rear center console is a champagne bottle chiller, paired with two silver-plated champagne flutes. Not to worry though, the center console has specially designed cup holders to secure your fancy flutes when you don’t feel like holding your champagne. Does this break some type of open container law? We aren’t really sure. Chances are if you’re driving an S600 you don’t care either way. 

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 05: An interior view of The Rolls Royce PhantomVIII 2017 Long & Short wheel base as designed by Designer Giles Taylor stands in London Studio on May 5, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Martyn Goddard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Luxury cars have some of the most unique and over-the-top features available. While you might not want the additional cost of tens of thousands of dollars for a smartwatch or cool headliner, they are still pretty interesting options. After all, there must be some owners out there that really love these options.