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As the automotive industry continues to press electric vehicles, it’s important to know that an EV isn’t easy to own in every area. Some of the worst states for EV ownership include some surprising locales where electric vehicles have limitations that hinder usability. While overall, EV infrastructure is improving, these are the states that are the furthest behind.

Mississippi is the worst state for EV ownership

If you live in Mississippi and are thinking about an electric vehicle, it may be time to reconsider. Unfortunately, your state is one of the worst for EV ownership. With a ratio of 9,275 residents per charger, finding a place to plug in can be difficult. In the entire state, there are just 317 total EV chargers as of 2023.

Even in areas where chargers are more dense, such as Biloxi, Gulfport, and Jackson, you’ll be fighting for charger space with both local EV owners and tourists passing through the Gulf Coast. In other words, have an at-home charging solution for a full EV. Alternatively, you might want to stick to a hybrid for your electrified vehicle in Mississippi.

Louisiana ranks as the second-worst

There aren't many of these Tesla chargers in the worst states for EVs
Tesla Superchargers | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Slotting into second, just a shade behind Mississippi, is Louisiana. With 9,144 residents per EV charger, The Bayou State is neck-and-neck with its neighbor as the least EV-friendly state.

Unfortunately for travelers heading along I-10 and I-20, that means having your charging stations mapped well in advance. Considering that Alabama is the sixth-worst state for EV ownership, the entire Gulf Coast stretch is daunting for electric vehicles. In fact, if you get caught between major hubs, finding a place to plug in between Texas and Georgia will be a hell of a challenge.

Don’t expect many EV charging opportunities in Kentucky

Mississippi and Louisiana are far and away the worst states for EV ownership. Furthermore, another southeastern entity ranks just behind them in third. Kentucky may have one of the best driving roads in America, but it’s not big on EVs. With just 614 charging stations for electric vehicles, the third-worst state has over 7,300 residents per charging station.

Tail of the Dragon is a fun place for your Tesla Plaid or EV6 GT to stretch its legs. However, you’ll want to have your charging stops mapped out before you make the run.

Alaska surprises no one as the fourth worst state for electric vehicles

Ram REV electric vehicle
Ram REV EV pickup | Stellantis

Surrounded by tundras, the Pacific Ocean, and frigid temperatures, it should come as no surprise that Alaska isn’t big on EV infrastructure. When cold weather limits EV range and off-road vehicles are standard fare, there isn’t much reason for The Frontier State to go all-in on electric cars just yet. Honestly, even the 113 existing chargers are a surprise to us.

The curious case of Indiana

This one caught us a bit by surprise – we expected sixth-place Alabama to make this iSeeCars top-five – but Indiana is the fifth worst state for electric vehicle owners. There are 6,345 residents per EV charger, though it does have over 1,000 charging stations as of 2023.

Big population centers like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne carry a majority of the charging stations within the state, and there aren’t many in between. As a largely agricultural state, we can’t say that’s a shock.

EV infrastructure is always improving

KIA EV6 electric crossover
A 2023 Kia EV6 | Kia

Overall, we believe that EVs have a place – both for our environment and their impressive performance – but there are some states that are clearly worse for EV ownership than others. While these states are the worst today, EV charging everywhere is getting better every year, and that’s good for all of us.

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