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Marc Wiley

Marc joined MotorBiscuit as an Autos Writer in 2023 and brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and passion to the Sedans & Coupes team. He has been an avid follower of NASCAR and Formula 1 racing since his childhood. This passion for speed eventually led him to work on cars of his own.

With a natural talent for mechanical work, Marc taught himself everything from basic oil changes to more advanced car repairs, such as replacing brake and suspension parts. Today, Marc continues to indulge his love for cars by writing about them, modifying them for improved performance, and running a car detailing business in Burlington, VT.

Marc previously attended Pace University, where he studied Marketing. In his free time, Marc enjoys reading industry publications like Road & Track and Car and Driver. He also greatly admires writers such as Alanis King, Kristen Lee, Matt Farah, Jason Cammisa, Larry Kosilla, Elizabeth Blackstock, and Raphael Orlove.

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