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Driving a sports car in the winter is a bit of a fool’s errand. More often than not, those low-slung, rear-wheel drive rockets aren’t great at getting through the slippery stuff. But one German brand has the formula nailed, offering three of the best winter sports cars under one umbrella. And that brand, of course, is BMW.

The BMW M440i xDrive is ferociously fast and winter-ready

The BMW 430i, an affordable luxury GT car
BMW 4 Series | BMW

Among the best winter sports cars is the BMW M440i xDrive. Featuring BMW’s B58 engine, this 3.0-liter Twinpower turbocharged inline-six makes 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. What’s more, it sends that power through a clever all-wheel drive system for excellent versatility.

BMW’s xDrive is rear-biased, unlike most all-wheel drive systems. That gives it an advantage on dry roads, where the weight shift under acceleration means the rear tires have the most grip. It lets the M440i bolt out of corners with confidence while powering the front wheels just enough to keep things balanced.

However, the intelligence of this xDrive system means it can shift that power forward in slippery conditions. When driving on snow, it will detect which wheels have the most grip and send power there, helping you manage those icy roads with ease.

The best winter sports car is the BMW M4 Competition xDrive

A purple BMW M4 Competition, one of the best winter sports cars
BMW M4 Competition | BMW

Taking the M440i to an even greater height is the BMW M4 Competition xDrive. For starters, the BMW M4 isn’t just another sports car. It’s the basis for BMW’s GT racing program, which puts it among the best sports cars today, winter or otherwise. In the Competition spec, the M4 turns up its twin-turbo inline-six to 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. On dry pavement, it thunders from zero to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

And once again, xDrive comes to the rescue in winter conditions. But what makes this the best winter sports car overall is how that xDrive system works. In the M440i, the computer does most of the work in sorting out power delivery. But in the M4 Competition xDrive, you get to control how it works. Different drive mode settings allow for all rear-wheel drive power or a split power delivery controlled by the multi-plate clutch.

Enjoy a compact winter sports coupe in the BMW M240i xDrive

2023 BMW M240i in Thundernight Metallic
2023 BMW M240i | Marc Wiley, MotorBiscuit

If the 4 Series isn’t your bag, the BMW M240i xDrive has just what you’re looking for. The same B58 engine as the M440i finds its way into this smaller two-door sports car. The eight-speed automatic transmission and electronically-controlled M Sport differential does well to push the power around as you find grip on the road below. It’s not an especially light car, either. But at 3,800 pounds, you’ll have plenty of weight pushing the tires into the ground for more confident winter handling.

Find luxury and performance in these winter sports cars

Of course, options like the Subaru WRX and Dodge Challenger GT make great winter sports cars as well. But those austere experiences pale in comparison to the luxurious feel of the BMWs. If you want both comfort and performance that can handle some slick-surface driving, these German sports cars are a trio worth consideration.

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