Are You a Member of the 2007 Honda Accord Club?

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars on Earth. It’s simple, elegant, and comes in a variety of trims and options. You can find sedan, coupe, and hybrid versions. So many of us have owned one either new or used. And most who have loved their 2007 Honda Accord.

a silver older Honda Accord parked
seventh generation Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda Media

The 2007 model year might have come out when you graduated high school. Or maybe it was your parents’ car and then your car after. Regardless of where your memories of the Honda Accord 2007 model year come from, they are probably fond. Whether you drove a new 2007 Honda Accord or a used one, you are now a member of the unofficial 2007 Honda Accord club.

New Honda Accord 2007 model year

OK, you’re right. The Honda Accord club isn’t really a thing. But hey––382,231 units of the Honda Accord were sold in the year 2007. So just because there isn’t a real 2007 Honda Accord club that we know of doesn’t mean there couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be. These numbers are courtesy of and they prove that 2007 was a great year for Honda Accord sales.

dash view of a high trim  level 2007 Honda Accord with luxurious leather and wood detail
2007 Honda Accord | US News and World Report

This Honda Accord model year was great new, but the used 2007 Honda Accord is worth a look if you are in the market to buy a used car, too. J.D. Power awarded the 2007 model year Honda Accord with both performance and dependability awards. It was an impressive compact sedan in terms of fuel efficiency. Plus, many appreciated––and still appreciate–– the “understated aesthetic” of the 2007 Honda Accord.

US News and World Report praised the new Honda Accord 2007 model year for performance as well. Their comments include “excellent performance from both available engines” and “comfy and all-purpose, but familiar, if not boring.” Even Car and Driver named it one of the 10 Best Cars for 2007.

Used 2007 model year

The 2007 Honda Accord today is still a good used car. If you don’t mind a high mileage example, then you can find them for under $3,000. It’s a great point A to point B car. The 4.5 out 5-star reliability rating reported by US News definitely played out. There is an impressive amount of used 2007 Honda Accords that have already cranked out over 200,000 miles.

a red Honda Accord 2007 model year with the driver's side door open
2007 Honda Accord Coupe | US News and World Report

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Though they will be dated due to age, there was an available satellite-linked navigation system. The 2007 Honda Accord is available as a sedan in eight trims, or as a coupe with five different trims. So there are plenty of options out there for a 2007 Honda Accord used car. The Kelley Blue Book review shows us that “Honda offers the same top-of-the-line trim levels on both its four-cylinder and six-cylinder models.” This was a unique practice at the time and makes for a wider range of appealing options for an Accord if you are looking for a used 2007 model year.

Consumer reviews

The consumer reviews on Edmunds give the 2007 mode year used Honda Accord a 4.7 out of 5 stars. The consumer comments page is riddled with reviews like “it has been a month and every day I love something new about this car” and “this is the type of car where you buy it and you never want to let go of it. It just drives so well.”

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It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t happy they joined the unofficial 2007 Honda Accord club. Whether you were the original owner of one or the second or third owner of a 2007 Honda Accord, you’ll likely be happy with your decision. Consumer reviews as recent as 2016 and 2017 show loyal lovers of the Accord saying things like “This car has had nothing but regular maintenance! It is a very very reliable car” and “I loved this car and put 250k miles on it without major repairs.” The 2007 used Honda Accord is a good car at a very low price.