The 2006 Honda Accord Claims Then and Now Reliability

The Honda Accord is one of the most commons sedans on the road. It has been for a long time, and for good reason. Going by consumer reviews, the 2006 model year for a used Honda Accord is a good car–– not exactly surprising from a manufacturer like Honda. The 2020 Honda Accord is awesome too, but it’s a new car with 2020 pricing. The 2006 Accord is a dated yet awesome used car deal for well under $5,000.

a silver 2006 Honda Accord parked
The seventh generation Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda Media

Both those who bought it new back in the day and second or third owners of the used 2006 Accord are happy with their choice. The 2006 model year claims then and now reliability. In the seventh generation of the well-loved car that was produced both as a sedan and a coupe, the 2006 model year for the used Honda Accord is modern enough for a hybrid option, and reliable enough to find in abundance.

A 2003 Honda Accord on display at an auto show
2003 debut of the Honda Accord’s 7th generation | PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via Getty Images

The 2006 Honda Accord

It’s a car that some of us remember driving as we learned to drive. Or others may have a special familiarity with the back seat of the 2006 Honda Accord because that’s what their parents chauffeured them to school in. For others it was the first vehicle they bought out of college and they still have it today.

It’s a reliable car both new and used, and it one of the Honda models that has converted many into repeat Honda buyers. The 2006 model Honda Accord is a car that turns owners into loyal Honda customers. According to Honda News, the 2006 model year of the Honda Accord won many awards in its first year of production.

Kelley Blue Book awarded this model year a ‘best resale value’ award for a used Honda Accord. The 2006 Accord is one of many Honda Accord model years to win a Car and Driver ’10 best’ award. Their review praises the efficiency of the economical four cylinder over the V6 and notes the incognito simplicity of the Accord stying both inside and out.

an older silver Honda Accord sedan
2006 Honda Accord EX-L | Honda Media

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Used car consumer reviews

In terms of buying a used Honda Accord, consumer reviews are a great way to research. You get to see what real owners of real cars say about their 2006 Honda Accord. A little digging and we quickly find that negative consumer reviews are hard to find. Overall, people love their 2007 used Honda Accord. People loved the 2006 Accord when it was new, too.

On, owners of both new and used 2006 Accords are happy with their experience. 97% of consumers recommend this model year and describe it as “smooth as a sewing machine” or give advice like “If you can find one used definitely buy one, they will last forever. My friend has one that just reached 300K on the odometer.”

older EX-L interior of a seventh generation Honda Accord
seventh generation Honda Accord interior EX-L trim | Honda Media

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New and used

“No other sedan puts together all the elements of a family car as well as the 2006 Honda Accord.”

Edmunds expert review

Edmunds prices the 2006 model year for a used Honda Accord at $1,539 – $3,045. This car enjoys a reputation for rock solid reliability. Buyers of both new and used models are happy with their decision. Many become repeat buyers of the Honda Accord after owning the 2006 model. Additionally, comments such as “12 years of trouble free driving” come from consumer reviews dated as recently as 2018 are the norm.

2019 Honda Accord
2019 Honda Accord | Honda

Whether you buy a new or used Honda Accord, you are likely to find yourself happy with the purchase. Especially based on consumer reviews. People love the the Honda Accord and the 2006 model year boast then and now reliability.