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An Amazon delivery driver in Long Island, New York went above and beyond the job he signed up for when he found a family’s home ablaze. After this delivery truck driver’s heroic rescue, I’ll bet this family was happy they selected “same day” shipping.

Kevin Rivera is an Amazon delivery driver in New York. He was moments from finishing his day’s route when he arrived at a Syosset, Long Island home. He smelled smoke, and to his shock, saw flames leaping up the front of the building. Rivera said, “I just saw the fire just getting bigger and bigger.”

The moment must have been surreal because the front door was wide open, so he could see the family inside. Including a baby. And even though Rivera was looking past a roaring fire, the residents couldn’t see the flames yet. They were completely unaware their house was burning.

It might have been wiser for Rivera to call 911. But he acted without thinking. “I just rushed in, because I didn’t want nobody to die in that house.”

Red fire truck races down a suburban street to a house fire.
Fire truck | Matt Gush via iStockPhoto

When Rivera ran into the home, he certainly had the attention of the six folks sitting around. But as he began to describe the fire, he realized something horrifying. They had no clue what he was saying because they didn’t speak English.

Rivera not only needed them to leave the house. But he suspected the front door was unsafe. So he needed them to leave out the back. After what I can only imagine was some wild, desperate gesturing, he convinced the family to walk out into the back yard.

Everyone followed Rivera to the street and finally saw the size of the flames. They must have been overwhelmed with relief they had escaped with their lives, and in shock at losing their home. “They just started crying.”

Neighbors had already called 911 and the fire department arrived to find the family safely on the curb. Let’s hope insurance pays for the house and belongings. And when they need to refurnish, maybe they’ll order from Amazon so they can thank Rivera again.

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