Alfa Romeo, a Brand With No Hybrid or EVs, Reportedly Plans to Go All-Electric by 2027

Stellantis has been making waves lately with announcements concerning electric vehicles. From Dodge’s performance EV to Jeep’s plans to release a Wrangler EV, Stellantis has gone from a company that didn’t have much in the way of EV plans to leading the charge into performance EVs. As the parent company of 14 brands, including Dodge, Jeep, Peugeot, and Fiat, Stellantis has one more company that looks to be all-electric by 2027, despite not having any EVs or hybrids already in production. Alfa Romeo is Stellantis’ next EV project.

Stellantis has platforms to build on

Alfa Romeo logo on a grey car with rain drops.
Alfa Romeo logo | Getty Images

Stellantis has been making announcements left, and right, it seems, with Jeep and Dodge being the latest to go forward with electric vehicles.

Recently, Stellantis made a big announcement regarding Dodge. They are producing an EV that is strictly about performance. Dodge’s muscle car heritage should be front and center in the new EV that promises performance over most anything else and should rival the Tesla Model S Plaid as the new standard in EV performance.

There is also a Ram 1500 EV slated to arrive soon, though no date has been given yet.

Jeep is also unveiling new electric vehicles, with even President Biden taking notice. The new Wrangler EV features all the off-roading features people love about it while making it both environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly. Jeep is also looking into hydrogen fuel cell technology and promises that the EVs will be even more capable off-road than the gasoline-powered Jeeps. 

According to Green Car Reports, these EVs should launch in 2023. Stellantis, across all of its brands, plans to launch 21 EVs or hybrids over the next two years. This is on the heels of a previous announcement that Jeep plans a whole EV line in 2025. 

Alfa Romeo will be all electric by 2027

Stellantis is making one more big commitment. Alfa Romeo will be all-electric by 2027. That’s a short timeline, especially when dealing with automaker’s timelines. Alfa Romeo currently has no electric or hybrid vehicles on the market.

Earlier announcements give some clues about how they’ll get that done in so short a time. Stellantis can share platforms between brands, and they likely will. 

According to Autoblog, Alfa Romeo’s first EV might be slated to be a crossover SUV, which means it could share a platform with the Jeep EVs. There’s been no confirmation about what the first EV could be from Alfa Romero, but judging by the platforms we’d already seen in the other Stellantis brands, it could be anything.

Stellantis is protective over its brands, and especially the Alfa Romeo brand. It’s a quirky brand that car enthusiasts love, and Stellantis is happy to have that label. That means there will likely be no partnerships to share technology, as Honda and General Motors are doing to build Honda EVs. Autoblog talks about how protective Stellantis is over its brands; in 2014, Stellantis developed its own Spider platform rather than borrowing it from Miata.

Stellantis has promised that though the brand will go all-electric, the things that make Alfa Romeo so special and loved by enthusiasts will remain the same. 

While new models haven’t been announced yet, look for those announcements soon. With the commitment to be all-electric by 2027, those announcements should be made soon.

Alfa Romeo’s current models include Giulia, Giulia Quadrifoglio, Stelvio, and Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Alfa Romeo has also been in motorsports since the brand’s inception. They have been an engine supplier, and have competed in Grand Prix, Formula One, touring car, and rallies. The brand started racing in 1911. 

Stellantis has more on the horizon


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Stellantis also announced that other brands would be going electric. Fiat is slated to be fully electric by 2030, and Opel will go electric by 2028. All new sales for these brands will be electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

Stellantis also includes Maserati and Citroen, which will also debut electric vehicles in the next few years.