Acura Settles After Class-Action Lawsuit Over Expensive Oil Problem

When it comes to cars and vehicles drivers have tons of options. Acura’s well-known brand was first established in 1986. Since then, Acura has designed sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. For the most part, the company is known for its luxury and innovative nature. However, more recently, Acura has found themselves amidst a class-action lawsuit. Take a look at the reasoning and details behind the lawsuit and find out why Acura is looking to settle.

What’s the class-action lawsuit against Acura about?

A few years back, a handful of Acura owners and drivers began to experience unexpected trouble with their vehicles. The plaintiff who filed a class-action lawsuit against Acura is claiming that the Acura model had an excessive oil consumption issue, according to Car Complaints.

The problems first began in September 2013. The plaintiff took the model back to the dealership multiple times during the period of the covered warranty period. When the dealership evaluated and tested the car, they claimed that 1 quart of oil was used for every 2,400 to 2,900 miles. However, something wasn’t adding up.

There was another unsettling discovery throughout this lawsuit process. The plaintiff indicated that the “Maintenance Minder” provides drivers with inaccurate information. This source did a great job of breaking it down and explaining the alleged issue. In regard to the oil consumption and the “Maintenance Minder,” the plaintiff stated, the “life of engine oil when that oil is getting burnt during the operation of the engine and doesn’t last for the amount of time displayed by the MM.”

Acura could be in a lot of trouble if the accusations turn out to be correct. Acura’s actions can definitely be interpreted as deceitful and manipulative. As many can imagine, the plaintiff expressed that buying an Acura would have been out of the question had this information been disclosed.

Which vehicles were affected by the class-action lawsuit?

The class-action lawsuit filed against Acura is making headlines. If the allegations are true, Acura would have a lot of explaining to do. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming amount of drivers were affected, but several models were linked back to the excessive oil consumption issues. The 2010-2013 MDX, 2011-2012 RL, 2009-2014 TL, and 2010-2013 ZDX were the list of models who were potentially compromised and connected to the lawsuit.

The maintenance and repairs needed for this particular oil consumption issue do not come cheap. Luckily, the proposed settlement will hopefully alleviate some of the financial stress and burdens that some Acura owners may have been forced to go through. 

Why does Honda want a settlement so badly?


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Honda is looking to settle when it comes to the class-action lawsuit. There are a few reasons Honda made the decision to go in this direction. First and foremost, it seems like Honda is making this move in an attempt to save time and money by avoiding a drawn-out litigation process. Honda will not be replacing the engines of the model, but they are willing to reimburse drivers for the out-of-pocket finances drivers spent to rectify this issue.

In addition, Honda also stated that settlement will also cover the cost of piston repairs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of gray area surrounding this, and drivers must wait until the settlement is actually signed. Most importantly, the settlement makes oil consumption tests a possibility for Acura owners during the warranty coverage period.

Acura owners are looking forward to when the settlement will hopefully receive final approval. Hopefully, everything will work out in favor of the affected drivers and the automaker will get to the bottom of the issue.