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Kia has a lot of great cars on the market right now, and while all these cars aren’t well-reviewed, they’re not all that cheap. For example, the Kia Telluride, while it’s a very good SUV, will still start at about $32,000. However, for customers on a budget, a used 2015 Kia Rio is a great car that may start at just under $8,000.

How much does a used 2015 Kia Rio cost?

According to U.S. News, the 2015 Rio is not only one of the best used cars that cost under $20,000, but it’s also one of the best small cars from its model year. Obviously, though, used car prices can vary a lot based on many different factors, but U.S. News estimated that a used 2015 Rio can cost between $7,500 to $13,000, with the average listing price being about $9,800. 

Not only is the 2015 Rio a cheap car to buy used, but it’s also a cheap car to own. In fact, U.S. News gave the 2015 Rio a 9.5 out of 10 for how affordable it was to own.

That’s because not only is the 2015 Rio a reliable car that doesn’t need that much maintenance, but it’s also equipped with a fuel-efficient engine. It comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that gets 138-hp, and it also gets an estimated 27 MPG in the city and 37 MPG on highways. 

What the 2015 Kia Rio offers

A Kia Rio on display at an auto show
A Kia Rio on display | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

That being said, despite its size, the 2015 Rio’s engine was actually more powerful than the engines that were on its peers. Indeed, U.S. News wrote that, “The 2015 Rio has a powerful engine for a subcompact car, which allows for strong acceleration around town and worry-free merging on the highway.” Furthermore, U.S. News also said that the 2015 Rio handled reasonably well for a car in its segment.

However, the 2015 Rio wasn’t perfect, and U.S. News said that many of its rivals had better handling than it did. On top of that, the 2015 Rio also had some issues regarding its ride quality, as some critics thought that its ride was too “harsh.” 

But of course, power and performance aren’t what most Rio customers are looking for. The 2015 Rio’s real power came from its interior. Not only did U.S. News praise the 2015 Rio’s interior design quality, but critics also praised the 2015 Rio’s roominess.

The 2015 Rio could carry five passengers comfortably and it also had a max cargo capacity of about 50 cu. ft., which is a lot for a subcompact car. 

That being said, the 2015 Rio had issues with its interior, too. It was 2015 after all, so it didn’t have many standard features. Compared to a modern Rio, the 2015 Rio barely had any smart features whatsoever. 

Amazing value for a used car

While some customers want a car that has a fancy touch screen or a ridiculously powerful engine, other customers just want an affordable and reliable car that can take them from A to B without much hassle. That car is the 2015 Rio. 

It’s not the cheapest car on the market, but given its track record for its safety and reliability, as well as the other great practical features that it has, the 2015 Rio remains as a great option for folks who just need a car and nothing more than that. 

That is the case if you can find a used 2015 Rio that’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum, however. Like U.S. News wrote, some 2015 Rios can cost about $13,000. While that’s still affordable, at that price point, customers may as well shop for a newer Rio as the latest Rios will only cost about $16,000. 


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