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The Kia Rio comes as a basic subcompact sedan or hatchback. The model is known for its reliability and reasonable price tag. It is best suited for someone looking for their first car, college students, or small families. The base model doesn’t have many features, but as the trim levels go up, so does what you get. There are various safety and technological features that can be added to make your ride more luxurious.

It is a practical car made for those that need a reliable and solid ride. The model is easy to handle and offers a smooth ride with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that allows the rider’s comfort. For the low price, the interior is much more luxurious than you may think, especially with each added trim level. It also offers excellent fuel economy. The money saved on fuel combined with the low price tag makes this a very affordable and reasonable car for anyone looking for a vehicle on a budget.

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  • 2022 Kia Rio (Starting MSRP: $16,150)
  • Pro: The model is reliable, fuel-efficient, and offers a great value
  • Con: It is a very basic car when looking at the base model and can be difficult for taller individuals to comfortably sit in the back.
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