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On November 1st, 2023, a source inside Dodge leaked that the top trim Charger Daytona EV will make 880 horsepower. I wasn’t surprised. Back in February 2023, I wrote that I expect the electric Dodge Charger SRT will make precisely 880 horsepower. But some other leaked numbers worry me: only this top trim Charger SRT Banshee will get an 800-volt charging system, and Dodge may even charge a fee to unlock all that power. Despite offering electric performance, Stellantis is still racing in the wrong direction. Here are all the 2024 powertrains we know about:

  • 2024 Dodge Charger Hurricane RWD – (420 horsepower)
  • 2024 Dodge Charger Hurricane RWD high-output – (510 horsepower)
  • 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona EV RWD – (455 – 535 horsepower)
  • 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona EV AWD – (590 – 670 horsepower)
  • 2024 Dodge Charger SRT Banshee EV – (880 horsepower)

How much power will the 2024 Dodge Charger make?

We’ve seen spy shots and concept versions of the new Dodge Charger coupe. Eventually, we’ll get both an internal combustion (I6) Charger and an EV version. Power will vary by trim, but the gas-powered Charger will make at least 510 horsepower. The top EV 2024 Dodge Charger trim (SRT Banshee) will churn out up to 880 horsepower.

Red front fender and grille of Dodge's 2024 Charger concept EV which may be identical to the gas version.
2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee EV Concept | Henry Cesari via MotorBiscuit

Let’s start with the internal combustion Chargers. They will (probably) all have the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter “Hurricane” I6 engine. Here’s how the I6s stack up against the outgoing V8s:

Trim (predicted)EngineDisplacementHorsepowerTorqueBoost
2023 Charger R/T 345 HEMI V85.7 liters (345 cubic inches)363-395 hp394-410 lb-ftNaturally-Aspirated
2024 Charger R/TStandard Hurricane I63.0 liters (approx. 183 cubic inches)420 hp468 lb-ft22 psi
2023 Charger Scat Pack392 HEMI V86.4 liters (392 cubic inches)470-485 hp470-475 lb-ftNaturally-Aspirated
2024 Charger Scat PackHigh-Output Hurricane I63.0 liters (approx. 183 cubic inches)510 hp500 lb-ft26 psi

What about a base-level Dodge Charger? It may have a turbocharged or hybrid I4. Stellantis continues Pentastar V6 production, but it will become part of a more expensive hybrid powertrain. Dodge may also cut the base gas-powered Charger and try to push buyers toward the Hornet crossover.

Ram has been testing a mean-sounding 2024 TRX. This engine is definitely an I6. And I suspect that Ram won’t let the truck slide backward, so it must make 700+ horsepower. My money is on a gasoline/electric hybrid (similar to the Toyota Tundra’s i-FORCE MAX TRD Pro, or Ford PowerBoost hybrid). Eventually, we may see this 700-horsepower hybrid option in some trim of the Charger too.

Will the 2024 Dodge Charger Hellcat be electric?

Dodge is cutting the Hellcat badge and supercharged V8 for the 2024 model year. It is debuting the SRT Banshee badge, an 880-horsepower AWD EV powertrain. This new trim will be available across makes and models, including as a 2024 Dodge Charger 880 horsepower EV coupe.

The rear fender of Dodge's 2024 Charger EV concept coupe at the Detroit auto show.
2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee concept | Henry Cesari via MotorBiscuit

So what will the electric 2024 Dodge Charger lineup look like? An anonymous source revealed some output numbers for the Charger EV to The Drive, but also left out some important details. There will be three electric trims: a one-engine RWD, a two-engine AWD, and a high-output two-engine AWD (the SRT Banshee). The anonymous source’s output numbers for each trim aren’t new; they agree with the numbers Stellantis revealed at its “EV Day” press release in 2022. But the news that the base EV will be RWD is new.

The Drive source is the closest we’ve had to an official confirmation of that 880 horsepower number. I predicted it in February after Stellantis’ revealed its new electric drive units, the largest of which makes 440 horsepower. I also know that 440 and 880 are historical numbers for Dodge.

As if both electric and internal combustion Charger variants weren’t confusing enough, dealerships have lobbied Dodge to not ship the new Chargers with 100% of available horsepower. If you want a faster eMuscle car, you’ll have to buy a special key from your dealership (called the eState 1 and eStage 2 keys). I guess you could call these sub-trims. Here’s the lineup:

Trim LevelKilowatt RatingHorsepower Equivalent
Charger Daytona 340 (RWD base)340 kW455 hp
Charger Daytona 340 (RWD w/ eStage 1)370 kW495 hp
Charger Daytona 340 (RWD w/ eStage 2)400 kW535 hp
Charger Daytona 440 (AWD base)440 kW590 hp
Charger Daytona 440 (eStage 1)479 kW630 hp
Charger Daytona 440 (eStage 2)500 kW670 hp
Charger Daytona 880 (SRT Banshee)656 kW880 hp

Here’s what ‘The Drive’ didn’t tell you

The Drive did excellent reporting, finding and interviewing a source for its November 1st article. But this reveal leaves out some important details. And these details highlight how Dodge may be hurtling in the wrong direction–despite embracing electric muscle cars.

First of all, The Drive didn’t mention that you will have to pay an extra fee to your dealership to unlock full horsepower. Some dealerships may mark this fee up. Others may make this feature a subscription service. Just because Stellantis can now unlock horsepower using software does not mean it should. This price-gouging is the quickest way to turn traditional muscle enthusiasts off of EVs for good.

Secondly, The Drive left out that the cutting-edge 800-volt charging architecture will only be available for the SRT Banshee trim. This is also a step in the wrong direction. This number is not related to the 880 horsepower, it is just the speed at which you can put electricity into the battery. Even Teslas are currently limited to 400 volts. Big EVs with huge batteries (such as the new Hummer) are going to 800-volts, because they need to. But when this tech finds its way to smaller EVs, it will revolutionize transportation.

The rim of a 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee with Stellantis' 
"Fratzonic" logo.
2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee EV Concept | Henry Cesari via MotorBiscuit

An efficient EV car (that goes through fewer kWh/mile), but can charge at 800 volts offers three hours of driving time for every 30 minutes of charging time. Heck, the Tesla Model 3 already approaches those numbers, and Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 meets them. Those numbers are close enough to an ICE that you could road trip an EV indefinitely. Range anxiety be gone!

Such a car will probably be a single-engine EV with a small battery. If Dodge plays its cards right, the RWD Charger could be just such a pioneer. But limiting the 800-volt charging system to the Banshee (which will be expensive and go through a ton of kWh/mile) is a step in the wrong direction. Very soon, most EV owners will be quicker to spring for 800-volt charging than extra battery range (which costs a lot and weighs a ton).

The Drive did point out that the SRT Banshee trim of the Charger Daytona will probably be heavy. It may be able to tie the Tesla Model S Plaid’s 0-60 times, but that will be its one and only party trick. The I6 Chargers will likely have a much better power-to-weight ratio. A RWD Charger Daytona EV with a smaller battery pack (which still makes up to 535 horsepower) may end up being the nimble performance sweet spot. Compare that with the RWD Mustang Mach E that only makes 290 horsepower: Dodge could have a winner.

Next, find out which current EVs outrun range anxiety, even on road trips, or see the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona concept yourself in the video below: