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So far, the Subaru Solterra is the only EV in the automaker’s lineup. We can understand why it’s not so popular, especially considering its relatively low electric range estimates. However, we can think of several more reasons why the Solterra definitely deserves more attention within the automotive market.

1. Standard AWD

Most EVs come with standard front-wheel-drive, and a few, like the Mazda MX-30, don’t even have an AWD option. Subaru’s patented Symmetrical AWD keeps you in constant control of your vehicle because it’s always supplying power to each wheel. The Subaru Solterra’s AWD system also has an X-Mode,  programmed with specialized driving modes for muddy and snowy roads. X-Mode is effective both on a straight path and while driving downhill. 

2. So many safety features

The EyeSight Driver Assist bundle includes cruise control, pre-collision braking, blind-spot monitors with rear-cross traffic alert, and lane tracing assist. Subaru also allows drivers to stay up-to-date on their vehicle’s maintenance and battery health with the optional Solterra Connect service. If you upgrade to the Limited trim, you’ll receive a 360-degree parking camera that you can view on the Solterra’s 12.3-inch touchscreen. Additionally, all trims are equipped with Safe Exit Assist, which alerts drivers and passengers if an object is approaching a door before you open it.

3. Excellent ground clearance

While EVs like the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro have little more than 6 inches of lift, the Subaru Solterra has 8.3 inches of ground clearance. This makes the Subaru capable of handling a few easy trails alongside slippery winter roads. Additionally, an EV that sits higher off the ground boasts better protection for the battery underneath the floor from bumps, curbs, and off-road elements.

4. Subaru Intelligent Assistant

While the Subaru Solterra’s touchscreens aren’t too big, they can still be distracting to operate. That’s why Subaru’s voice-activated assistant lets you keep your eyes on the road while you ask your EV to adjust climate settings, audio levels, seat temperature, and more. It also works in combination with smartphone integration, so your virtual assistant can switch between apps whenever prompted. 

5. Plenty of storage space

EVs are notorious for their limited cargo capacities, but the Subaru Solterra offers 30 cubic feet behind the rear seats. The rear gate can open up to 41 inches, giving you a lot of room to load and rearrange each item to your liking. If you run out of space, get the Limited or Touring model with standard roof rails. Both models also have upgraded seating arrangements, while the Touring gets a panoramic moonroof. 

6. Automatic parking

High repair costs are an unfortunate part of EV ownership. Thankfully, the Solterra’s automatic parking function can prevent fender benders in cramped garages. After you’ve chosen a parking spot, the Solterra won’t go inside unless it can safely fit. You can allow the system to park the car for you or follow the system’s parking lines by yourself. This works for both perpendicular and parallel parking situations. 

7. Four regenerative braking levels

Regenerative braking can help maximize your EV’s range, which Subaru Solterra drivers need more than most. However, these brakes typically don’t have the same force as conventional ones, so you have to plan your stopping distances accordingly. The Subaru Solterra absolves those worries with four levels of regenerative braking, which you can operate with the steering wheel’s paddle shifters. 

With this function, Subaru gives drivers the confidence that they’ll always be able to stop their cars quickly. The Subaru Solterra definitely isn’t as fast as a Tesla, but you can still do a lot with 215 hp on tap. That’s more than the Toyota bZ4X or the Kia Niro EV can offer. Combined with all of its other good qualities, this electric Subie is worth considering.

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